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Inner Whispers

Welcome to Inner Whispers

fantasy-avatars0040Are there questions in your life you want to examine? Situations you need some clarity on? Hopes and fears you cannot put into words?

I offer different ways of finding the answers you want.

With Magical Life Coaching, we can look for clarity together, uncovering your dreams and creating plans to make them come true.  I can stand at your side as you overcome obstacles, keep you focused, and help you see what resources you have available to you.

In my webinars and workshops, I help you discover different ways to tune into your own intuition.  These also focus on the magic of transformation, making changes that ripple out into your life through your thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

My audios and ebooks are also focused on exploring how tarot and oracles can help you make your life more magical, and on creating change.

And with my own Lenormand decks and my reviews of many other decks, you can find the perfect tools to accompany you on this exciting journey.