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A Big Volcano Calling: New Century Tarot

I’m really enjoying this week’s deck, with its bright colours and U.S. Games’ quality, easy-to-shuffle card stock.  The New Century Tarot (2003) by Rolf Eichelmann combines pips with simple illustrations, giving readers the best of both worlds.  On to the reading…
New Century Tarot Bridge Reading
1) Situation/Issue – Judgement

Various figures step out of the flow of the stream of life.  They are called by an angel who looks like a volcano.  Those who are stepping out of the stream have fire around their heads: like calls to like.  The fire of passion draws the people out of just being, and into action.  And perhaps it is only those who are alight with this idea who will be judged acceptable by the angel.

This card makes perfect sense given my week, and I also drew it as part of my daily reading on Saturday.  At the end of the week, I’ll be taking an exam – major Judgement time!  Do I make the cut?  Can I go on to the next level?  And also, this is something I feel truly called to!

2) Desired/Desirable Outcome – Nine of Swords

Two spirits streak towards the woman sitting to the left.  Her head is covered by one hand, the other raised as though to fend the spirits off.  Are these thoughts that torment her real?

As the desirable outcome for this week, I see the need to distinguish worries from reality.  I often can’t sleep when I’m nervous.  Of course, that’s counterproductive, as I do far worse if I’m exhausted before I start.  If I can face these frightful thoughts and see they have no power, all will be well.  It’s not really a hard exam, I’ve done all I need to pass it 🙂

3) Energy Needed – Queen of Pentacles

The Queen sits on her throne holding a pentacle in her left hand.  The pentacle seems surrounded by fire, like the heads of the people called from the stream in the Judgement card. Focusing on the practical is one way to stay in tune with what we are called to.

So, I need to keep clear what I can do and need to do at a practical level.  For example, what are the kinaesthetic cues I need to remember, what are the physical contraindications of particular healing techniques?  And perhaps, too, a reminder to spend time on other things, on mothering and on business, rather than obsessing about the exam.  Nurturing myself might be a part of that – a well-rested mind absorbs information better.

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  • There is something about the artwork in this deck reminds me a little of the “James Bond” tarot by Fergus Hall. It definitely has some bright colors to perk you up in the dull gray of winter! Best of luck with the exam. Hope you take the Queen’s advice and nurture your body this week. 🙂


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