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A Bridge to Where?

This new deck, the Samadhi Oracle (2017) funded through Indiegogo , is very true to modern Hindu aesthetics.  The colours are vibrant, and it includes cards for deities, elements of life, mythological beings, chakras and gurus.  Of those, personally the gurus section appeals to me least.  Yet, it’s true that there is a long tradition of honouring ancestors and gurus, so it does make sense.

For this week, I decided to go back to my stalwart Bridge Spread, tweaking the positional names slightly:

1) Where I am: Vayu – Change

Ah yes, the uncertainty of shifting sands, or the winds of change.  This is the card for the element of air, and I like that the element cards all have an associated mudra.

Hoo boy, change certainly hits the nail on the head.  We’ve changed home, which has led to changed routines.  Partly as my toddler didn’t do well with the change, and is in a really baby-ish phase where he screams blue murder if anyone but me tries to take him to bed, and won’t eat dinner unless I spoon feed him.  Plus there’s things like I keep forgetting to put the laundry on, which I normally do first thing in the morning during the week so it can be hung after the school run and before my day job.  It sounds like a little thing, but when the kids don’t have clean clothes for school it feels pretty bad.

There is also the threat of change at work, with a colleague possibly leaving on health grounds.  That would mean more work and responsibility, which I’m not really looking forward to right now.  Still, needs must.

2) Where I want to get to: Lakshmi – Prosperity

The beautiful Lakshmi, Goddess of abundance. Coins spill from her upturned palm.  However, it’s time I feel poor in.

To be honest, I don’t think I can get to a place where I feel time rich this week.  After all, I have an exam to revise for, two papers to write, as well as my day job.  And I’ve a bunch of plans I’d like to get back to when things ease up a little.  On the other hand, it is all a matter of perception, so maybe I could feel a bit less pressurised, despite what needs doing.

3) How to get from here to there: Vishuddha – Self Expression

The fifth or throat chakra is coloured blue for clarity.  The term self expression also makes me think of creativity.  Yet, perhaps clarity is more relevant now.

I’ve been wondering what I can do to set clearer boundaries with my Little One.  At the moment, he’s running me ragged and leaving me feeling rather annoyed.  Maybe I need to push back a little, assert my truth rather than give in to his.  I may feel like a meanie, but ultimately I also need to take care of myself.

Expressing myself through the written projects I need to get done will also take some of the pressure off.  So, I guess I need to prioritise those.

I’ve also been thinking about some of the things I haven’t had time to do lately, which feel more like true expressions of what I believe in.  I want to have some time to get back to those!

Okay, if I lay clearer boundaries with my Little One so I can free up a bit more time for me, that sounds like a pretty good first step.

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5 Responses to “A Bridge to Where?”

  • TTT: The Terrible Twos! We almost should be proud of our toddlers, how they manage to control the rest of the family and how they perfectly notice if Mommy is tired and isn’t capable of putting up a fight
    I hope you can find some time to nurture yourself and relax in Lakshmi her embrace

    • Ha ha, you’re so right, Ellen!

      I’ve actually been a bit better at setting clear and firm boundaries for him since I drew these cards (it takes me a few days to write them up). This morning, I dropped him at nursery and just stayed 3 minutes, and managed to leave without tears, too! Yay! 😀

  • It is so hard to create and maintain boundaries with family, work, or friends when you are tired and stressed. Glad to hear you have already done made inroads in this regard. 🙂 I’m intrigued by this deck and would love to see it picked up and published by a company (so I could get my hands on it :D).

    • Yes, boundaries with food, too, suffer when I’m tired and stressed. I have decided to start doing patchwork to try to help with that, seeing as I’ve run out of decks to make bags for 😀

      As for the deck, have emailed you 🙂

  • It can be very difficult to deal with change – especially when there is so much change happening at one time. This looks like a very beautiful deck!


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