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A Nourished Heart

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A blog hop is when bloggers from around the world post on the same topic at the same time, so you can hop around and see a plethora of different perspectives on that subject.  And what a lovely theme our wrangler, Joy Vernon, chose for us!

Awakening the Heart is our subject, which brought to my mind the notions of self-love and compassion.  I also knew I wanted to design a spread for this post, and based myself on the physical heart itself.

Blood is pumped around the body to take oxygen and nutrients to all the cells.  When it comes back to the heart, it has delivered all it contained and is depleted.  The first part of the heartbeat sends this oxygen-depleted blood to the lungs, where it takes on oxygen.  The second part of the heartbeat sends the now oxygen-rich blood all round the body.  So, I designed a spread around this, and drew cards from the Raven’s Prophecy Tarot (Llewellyn, 2015) to see what it had to say.

The Heart Spread

BF-RPT-3S1) Where in your life are you feeling depleted right now? – Three of Swords

Two clasped hands run with blood from the three daggers piercing them, yet they hold together still.

I’m trying to hold on to what matters to me, and sometimes that’s draining.  So many calls on my time, so many ideas that are important, but I can’t do it all.  There’s been some strain in my relationship, too, with my Dear One feeling I should have different priorities than I would choose.

BF-RPT-5C2) What push do you need to make a change? – Five of Cups

A crow sits on a branch, head bowed.  Its shadow, though, looks more alert.

When I’m feeling down and uncertain, my shadow may lend me strength to change.  A little anger, for example, can be quite energising.  If someone else wants something done, maybe they should just do it themselves!

The difference between the crow and its shadow also says to me that a new perspective is possible.  Like the traditional figure in the Five of Cups who sees only the three empty cups, the crow mourns what was.  Yet, its shadow is able to see the potential in the situation, the two full cups.  The difference is how the light is cast, the perspective you take.  How can I see things in a new light?

BF-RPT-IV3) What will nourish you? – The Emperor

A sword in a stone, with a crown resting on the blade.  This image is evocative of the legend of King Arthur.  And while in the Raven’s Prophecy deck it represents the Welsh Prince Glendower, the similarities are striking.  Both were considered folk heros and great warriors, and both were said to have been magically put into stasis to return at their people’s hour of need.  Both created

Taking up the call of what rings true to me, and doing so in a structured way, will nourish me.  With that new perspective from the Five of Cups, I need to re-prioritise, and create a clear plan or structure that will support me in what I choose.

BF-RPT-4S4) How can you share that with others? – Four of Swords

An outstretched hand rests on a somewhat reflective surface, with symbols of the four suits inked on it.  Darkness surrounds the scene.

There is something very passive about this hand.  Although it holds all the suit emblems (like the Magician), this is not a scene of resourcefulness.  The elements are there, but the hand is at rest, waiting.  There are two ways I can share this nourishment that comes from a renewed sense of priorities and creating a structure for them.  One is through being willing to just be present with those others, while the other is through meditation.

This makes a lot of sense to me, as a lot of my work with people in life coaching is about staying with where they are, reflecting what they say, encouraging them to use the resources they have, rather than pushing them into something new.  Magical life coaching will continue to be a priority for me, and one I will create a clearer structure for.  And on the other side, I am working on some new meditations to add to the selection I offer already

I’d love to hear what you think of this spread, and if you give it a try!

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8 Responses to “A Nourished Heart”

  • Fab! I do love a good anatomy inspired spread! I also love Raven’s Prophecy (though I did have to take a knife to those orange borders… ) 🙂

  • An excellent spread, Chloe! We have a ton of fabulous spreads this time around. I like that deck too. Nice choice and insightful interpretations.

  • Deirdre

    Beautiful spread and some quite intense cards you drew for yourself. I love your positive, empowering approach to reading the cards even when they have heavy messages for you. Oh, and the phrase “magical life coaching” really resonates with me, I might have to use that one sometime 🙂 as it seems so appropriate to how I use the cards as well.

  • Wow. That Four of Swords, for me, can also be about retreat, going within, and healing. That is pretty powerful stuff to share with others, though not always easy.

  • A very thought-provoking post, Chloe – and a great spread. I’ve never seen these cards before but really like the ones you’ve drawn. I’m with Karen about the orange borders though 🙂


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