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Ace Energy

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Welcome to this Imbolc Blog Hop.  I can hardly believe it’s been five years, now, since the first blog hop!  And yet, while the Tarot Blog Hop isn’t new, this time of year always suggests new seeds, new beginnings.  So, Arwen, who started this hop those many years ago, asked us to think about how to foster the energy of the Aces in our lives.

Rather than designing a spread, what called to me was the idea of seeing what would help me foster the energy of each individual Ace at the moment.  After all, what might boost Cups seeds might hinder Swords seeds.  Or I might choose that I don’t want to focus on Wands energy right now.

The Aces’ Energy

While I could just have pulled one card to represent what would help foster each Ace’s energy, I decided to have the Aces there, as part of the throw.  And I chose to ‘read’ with a different deck, to allow for the possibility of an Ace being what was needed in one of the positions.

For the Aces, I chose to use the DruidCraft Tarot (Connections, 2004).  Meditating on the Aces while I selected their helpers gave me a focus, and also made me think about exactly what part of their energy I feel I need right now.

For example, with the Ace of Pentacles, I noticed the structure behind the bear, a safe space in which to nurture her family.  Good Pentacle-y values, though not the only ones which could have come to mind.

For the ‘reading’ I chose the Tarot de St Croix (Lisa de St Croix, 2015).  While no Aces came up, there was an interesting visual link between the Ace of Wands’ helper (the King of Swords) and the Ace of Swords.  Both show the Lady of the Lake offering up a sword.  Highlighting, perhaps, that even rational ideas rise up from our unconscious, and need to be grasped and applied with enthusiasm if they are to bear fruit.

Ace of Wands

What will help me foster creativity and action-taking? – King of Swords

Ha, the King of Swords has to choose what idea to grab and run with. He’s all about priorities and rational choices.  Given how many projects excite me (as a double Gemini, I’d always gladly have my finger in at least four pies), it makes sense that I need to prioritise.

Between now and the next turn of the Wheel, I have an essay to write and an exam to study for.  While lots of other projects might be shiny and exciting, this King tells me I need to buckle down and go about things logically.  These can still both be exciting, creative projects, but I need to be organised about how I approach them.  And I definitely shouldn’t run off on other fun rabbit trails in the meantime.

Ace of Cups

What will help me foster emotional openness and spiritual connection? – Two of Wands

I love the image here of a Magician-type figure drawing energy from Gaia as a whole, and applying it on a small scale.

Yes, through the power of the Internet I can connect with people around the world.  And yet, at an emotional level there are only so many close friends I can spend time with.

It’s also true that physical contact fosters emotional contact: we’re just wired that way. Like the study that showed humans function better if they receive at least eight hugs a day, there is still that monkey part of us that connects through mutual grooming.  So, emotional openness is supported by physical proximity.

I certainly notice that with my kids: hugs and kisses are always welcome.  And now that my toddler doesn’t ‘need’ mummy to take him to bed each night, I’ve started taking our older boy to bed on alternate nights.  It’s brought us closer together again, which I missed.

The same is true with both friends and spirit, a little bit of ‘quality time’ goes a long way.

Ace of Swords

How can I develop my ideas? – The Hermit

This links back to the Ace of Wands.  The Hermit is focused and determined, and brings that energy to bear on studying.  Sometimes, we need some alone time for that, while at other times shining our light for others can also help illuminate our own path.

Perhaps there is also a connection to be made between all the cards so far.  My studies allow me to draw in information that I can then share with family and friends.  For example, my essay is related to an issue that troubles several family members.  Equally, revising for the exam might be helped by trying to explain the concepts to friends and colleagues.  This would foster emotional connection, as well as sharing ideas and making the process of prioritising these studies more enjoyable.

Ace of Pentacles

How can I foster a sense of safety and comfort for myself and my family? – Two of Swords

We moved house last Friday, as a temporary measure.  We’re having some building works done that we couldn’t do when we first moved into our new home, given I was about to give birth (my second son was born nine days after we moved).  So, we’re in a holding pattern, and have to manage that ambiguity for our boys.

We’re calling where we are now our ‘camping house’.  It isn’t as comfy as our home, yet we still have to make it homely, while helping the kids to understand that it’s only for a little while.  Though a two-year-old’s concept of a ‘little while’ is definitely not the same as that of someone in their mid-forties!  I have to hold both in mind, and make it bearable for us all.

So, that’s what the Ace energy is for me right now.  How about you?  Which Aces, which seeds, do you choose to focus on, and how can you best foster them?

And to see what other people around the world have made of this topic, here are the Hop links again.

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8 Responses to “Ace Energy”

  • Thank you for making your site easy to read, I love the clear text that you have used, I have difficulty reading things so the clearer the typeface the better. This is a lovely and interesting post.

  • It’s nice you’re able to find ways to reconnect with your older son! I remember being really nervous prior to having kid #2 that I wouldn’t know how to nurture both relationships equally. My cousin suggested taking each out for date nights, and it has been a great way to have one on one time, especially now that we have three!!

  • I really like this spread, allowing for the possibility of another Ace to be drawn through using two decks. I think this could be really useful, so will be trying it today!

  • I had much the same sort of idea for a spread but alas, my Aces failed to get me off the ground in time for that particular blog, although they came good for the other. I think I have discovered an element of Hamlet or perhaps Schrodinger in the Aces: To be or not to be? LOL

  • Ah, it’s so rare to see someone ‘double decking’! Loved to see this in your post, and love, as well, the interpretations that you made for those cards that you drew! 🙂 Especially that ‘holding pattern’ of the Two of Swords, that you’re somewhat between a rock and a hard place, but are making the best of it, trying to balance those requirements of both adults and children in the equation! 🙂 Inspiring! 🙂

  • This takes my mind back to one of your previous hop posts – the one where you sketched outcome cards. I think the pairs that you have here would make some interesting images…

  • Oh brilliantly done. This is one that could be a staple in a professional readers repertoire. 😀


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