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Ack, Not Santa!

It’s weird, I fluctuate with animal decks.  On the one hand, I have a fair few of them.  And I like the way that having animals can take some of the human prejudice out of a deck.  I don’t assess a card based on whether I find the person attractive or “like me”, so I am more open to the deeper meaning.  Yet, of course, these cards still have a human slant: they are created by people for people.   And sometimes, if I don’t know the animal, or just don’t like the look of it, that can get in the way of interpretation, too.  I will confess, none of my animal decks have become enduring favourites.  Still, I keep buying them…

This is the Animal Totem Tarot by Leeza Robertson and Eugene Smith (Llewellyn, 2016), and I like the fact that the totem side of animals is added in.  It reminds me that I can do spirit journeys with these cards.  For today, though, it’s a straight-up reading.


Situation – Three of Pentacles

A giraffe stretches up to nibble on some leaves, with an arch holding three Pentacles framing it’s neck and head.

For me, the Three of Pentacles is often about teamwork, and we only see the one giraffe.  Yet, it suggests to me the eco-balance: the giraffe reaches leaves other creatures cannot, and poops out something rich that others can eat.  Equally, the giraffe is cropping tall trees, leaving the lower bushes for other beasts.  Even when we don’t work with others at the same time and in the same place, we are still interconnected, supporting one another and working towards a common goal.

It’s a good reminder, as so much of my work is done in seeming isolation.  This week, though, may potentially see more teamwork than usual…

Desirable Outcome – Four of Pentacles

What a little cutey! A squirrel digs in a bare patch of dirt within a forest glade.  He holds two Pentacles, and there are two more buried within the earth.  Sun illuminates the scene, and a little sprout breaks free of one of the buried pentacles, reaching for the light.

Interesting to have this card come up, as it was the Energy Needed card in last week’s draw!  I notice how here the squirrel is burying his coins, allowing them to sprout and grow.  So, not just about hoarding resources, or getting ahold of them.  Rather, it is about how to use them, and what can grow from them.  With my ducks finally in a row, I hope to see new growth and progress.

Energy Needed – Judgement

Three reindeer stand harnessed to a sled carrying wrapped present boxes.  Each reindeer wears a bell around his neck, and their antlers look well-developed.  In the snow in front of the sled lies a horn with a red cross on a white flag.  This is the flag of St. George, representative of England, a little odd in this snowy landscape.  Still, it is a tribute to the RWS card…

At first glance, this card annoys me.  It triggers that song: “He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice, he’s gonna find out who’s naughty and nice: Santa Claus is coming to town.”  The idea of being judged by a fictional bearded omniscient man does not appeal much to me, whatever his name!

Yet, Judgement has come up for me several times over the last week.  It’s true that I’m studying and working towards answering the call of something which feels really important to me.  This is the interpretation I more often associate with this card, and is supported by the guidebook description which actually says, this isn’t about Santa, this is about you accepting your own inner gifts.  Clearly, I need to listen to that call.

The reading makes a lot of sense to me, as last week I didn’t get around to one of my main plans in this regard, which would have seen me gathering those resources in the Four of Pentacles and starting to put them to use.  So, I have to remember why this is important, the big picture reason behind it, because the actual everyday nitty gritty of what I need to do next doesn’t inspire me much.  The big picture, as represented by Judgement, does!

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2 Responses to “Ack, Not Santa!”

  • I am not a fan about animal deck either. The Druid Animal Oracle, which I hardly never use, is the only one I have. Honestly, I even can get excited about the new animal deck from Kim Krans 😀
    I do hope you’ll grow some mighty oaks from those acorns!!!


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