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Alone Time Is A Chance to Grow Spiritually

Having followed Lana Zellner on Instagram and Facebook for a while, I was delighted to finally get my hands on the fun 78 Cards (self-published, 2016).

78 Cards Reading

Situation – Eight of Cups

A very traditional depiction, overall, though it’s striking how close-up we are on the figure who is leaving the cups behind, drawn forward by the light of the moon.  We can see only in the distance the stream he walks beside, and the mountain before him.  The focus is all on his quest – he keeps his eye on the prize.

Ha, yes, my partner is going away, seeking some quiet time away from the kids with a bike, a camera and a buddy.  I guess it will also give me some time to seek my own truth, at least once the kids are in bed each night…

Desirable Outcome – Ace of Cups

This is an odd-to-me version of the Ace of Cups – just look at those colours!  The waters flowing from the cup start grey, and shade to gold.  The pool beneath them is grey, shading to black.  Even the lotus flower has a dark centre!  Still, the tips of the petals are pink – self-love is there, at least in potential…

A new sense of connection to source, and to a sense of self-love, both sound like desirable possibilities, here.  And perhaps, too, that when we are reunited, each with a new-found emotional connection beyond ourselves, we can combine our flows, turning the grey back to gold.

Energy Needed – V- The Hierophant

There are actually two Hierophants in this deck.  The second (this one), is a guest artist card, created by Ian Carappoli.  I was tempted to leave it out of my deck, given the Hierophant is not my favourite chap, normally.  Still, I’ve been getting along with him better, of late, even including him on my altar.  And I kind of hate to leave cards out of a deck 🙂

Interestingly, he is a far more traditional Hierophant than that drawn by Lana Zellner: a corvid!  He’s a little grim, with his ‘bleeding’ eyes and crucifix held high.  Yet, I like the big red roses in front of him, and the candles, too.

There’s a very spiritual feel to this whole reading.  In terms of the energy needed, I see a suggestion of taking a structured approach to spiritual connection.  Perhaps a mini-sadhana for this time apart…

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7 Responses to “Alone Time Is A Chance to Grow Spiritually”

  • Definitely looks like the way to replenish your cup is through a spiritual path, but I don’t think I’d follow that priest with the bloody eyes! 😀

    • Ha ha, yes, he is a bit dire-looking, Bev. Like a cross between a seventies rockstar and a member of the KKK 😮

  • Wishing you wonderful experiences to fill your spiritual well again and also two sweet and sleepy boys 😀

    • Ah yes, Ellen, always good when they fall asleep quickly 😀 Thank you, I have already been using a new focus in my daily meditations, and really enjoying it 🙂

  • Lovely reading and lovely cards. One thing that caught my eye about the Ace of Cups that seemed to reinforced the idea of peace is that if you look at the water flow at the top and the two doves they are varying shades of grey, Grey is made up of black and white, opposites and this speaks to me of reconciliation of opposing emotions so that they work as one rather than against each other. Just one thought on the colours of this card. ^_^

    • Now that’s a really interesting perspective, Helen, thank you! I so often think of grey as being wishy-washy and dull (too much grey here when the weather is like that). The balance of dark and light is a great notion to contemplate 🙂

  • Love this reading, Chloe. Interesting deck too! I quite like the murky waters beneath the lotus… that is where they grow best anyway – excellent symbol of how love can flourish anywhere and how the dross of life can be turned into that which nurtures love. I hope you blog more about the sadhana practice – sounds interesting! x


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