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April Showers Bring May Flowers

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For this blog hop (where bloggers from around the world write about the same topic and post at the same time), we were asked to write about May.  What popped into my head was the expression ‘April showers bring May flowers’.

What does that bring to mind?  There are three things for me.

First is the idea that we don’t enjoy April showers.  You wouldn’t need the saying if everyone was delighted by what they were experiencing.  And it’s a fact that showery weather tends to mean not only grey skies and the occasional accidental soaking, but also mood fluctuations that accompany such changeable weather.

Second is the idea that there is a point to this unpleasantness, that it brings needed nourishment to the plants growing around us.

And third is the fact that something good will come of all this: those beautiful flowers that delight our spirit and presage the fruits to come.

Based on that, I designed a little May Flowers Spread:

1) What difficult situation are you leaving behind?

2) How has it helped you grow?

3) What prize will you gain from it?

As ever, I thought I would try the spread out for myself to see how it reads.  My favourite deck so far this year is the Idiosyncradeck Tarot (Cracked Amethyst, 2016), so that’s what I pulled out.


1) What difficult situation are you leaving behind? – Judgement

Ha, this strikes a chord!  A huge wave rolls towards the shore, with a lighthouse standing guard.  A time to wash away the old and get some clarity on a new direction to take.

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching over the last turn of the Wheel of the Year, and I’ll be glad to move on.  I think I have greater clarity now

2) How has it helped you grow? – The Emperor

I love this version of the Emperor <3  A large mountain dominates the card, with trees at its feet, and a fiery sky above.  There is a stability to this, a sense of groundedness and passion combined.

It’s true I’ve been putting structures into place to support my new calling, the new direction I plan to go in.  A new phone for people to contact me on, new flyers, updates to my non-esoteric website 😀

3) What prize will you gain from it? – Ace of Swords

A sword floats in a star-spangled night sky, silhouetted against clouds and with lightning weaving around its unsheathed blade.  A powerful image of a new way of thinking or communicating that draws energy to it.  It may be destructive, if not harnessed effectively…

Most readers have a card or cards that they check out in every new deck, and for my mother it’s the Ace of Swords.  While I’m not as passionate about it as she is, a new sense of clarity and a new way to communicate sound like worthwhile aims or prizes for what I’ve been doing!


Let me know if you give this spread a go!  And now, off we hop, if we may…

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22 Responses to “April Showers Bring May Flowers”

  • So true – without the showers where would we be? Thanks for a refreshing view! – and for a very useful spread. x

    • You’re welcome, Alison 🙂 Let’s hope May holds plenty of flowers, to make up for all the April snow!

  • Love the spread and the deck. That got me chuckling! A new raincoat will help you not to get so soaked in the April showers. Thank you!

    • The deck is great, isn’t it? Oh yeah, a raincoat, why didn’t I think of that? 😀

  • I had to take a second look at Ace of Swords as I didn’t realise it was floating in the air… to me, it seemed to combine the other two cards and I saw it as being stuck in the ground and it reminded me of when lightning strikes sand to make fulgurite…
    I think this deck may be next on my wish list… you keep tempting me with it… 😉

  • Great spread, and a great deck! Here in Denver we’ve had three days of steady, sloshy, wet, rain-snow that hopefully will bring something good!

    • Yuck, slushy snow is not my favourite. Still, as you say, it must be good for something 🙂

  • Kati

    On April showers: since my little one asked me if the rain meant that Lord Shiva was watering the trees I love them, and don’t mind to get wet as much… 🙂

    Great post Chloë, thanks for the lovely spread!

    • That’s just beautiful, Kati! I love that you are bringing up your kids with knowledge of what is spiritually important to you, and that they accept it and then take it in their own direction 🙂

  • I’m not familiar with the expression, but I have no issue with April showers – it’s the torrential downpours I’m not keen on 😀
    Nice little spread. Thank you 😀

    • Torrential downpours are fine if you’re inside, or playing in the rain by your house. Less fun if you have somewhere to go. I remember one year having to take off my bra in a public toilet to use the hand dryer on it, I was so wet 😮 😀

  • Thankyou for sharing this topical spread and also the lovely deck, I really like the art, it reminds me of 1930’s Travel Posters 🙂

    • Sadly, the deck is now OOP. I see what you mean about the old posters, especially that Emperor card 🙂


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