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Inner Whispers

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Want to work some Tarot Magic to improve your life?  Everything you need to know in order to create really effective spells can be found in The Elements of Tarot Magic ebook.

Or maybe you want to find healing and balance through aligning your chakras?  Look no further than this Chakra Magic ebook.

You can also use Magical Meditations to help you achieve your goals. These meditations help you change your mindset at the deepest level, so that those changes ripple out through the rest of your life, transforming your thoughts, feelings and actions.

The Tarot Bridge Spell meditations are based on a simple spread that can be applied to any area of your life that you want to transform.  And the mini eBook explains how to customise this spell to whatever you need right now.  There are also three different versions of the meditation so you can always find one that fits your day.

Trying to achieve a healthy, desirable weight?  Here, you’ll find meditations based on the Temperance card to help support healthy eating and weightloss.  There’s also a Quickie Cravings Buster to help you through moments when you’re struggling for control, or just to make better choices generally.  Is your main issue lack of willpower?  Or do you think you’re just too lazy?  Maybe you lose motivation, or maybe the issue goes deeper, to something in the past.  Whatever your sticking point, you can customise the Tarot Bridge Spell meditations to meet your own specific needs.

And if you’re looking for overall balance, or to heal a particular aspect of your life, these meditations cleanse, strengthen and balance your chakras.  The first is a short meditation that can fit into even the busiest of days.  The second gives you an indepth chakra balancing, strengthened by the use of tarot magic.


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