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Barbieri Tarot Reading

This week’s deck is another Lo Scarabeo offering, but with fantasy art rather than photo collage.  The Barbieri Tarot (2015) hasn’t received much coverage, probably because it is a darker deck, far more niche than the Thelema.  As for this week’s spread, following in the theme of exploring our multiple brains, it uses the mBIT 3C’s exploring the highest expression of each of our three brains.


1) Heart – Compassion – Temperance

I do wonder at this mermaid entwined in the coils of her own tail as a representation of Temperance.  She looks more like she’s trying to entice some unwitting sailor down, to trap him and laugh as his screams are drowned by the depths!  Looking at it more generously, perhaps she is there to help breathe life back into the sailors shipwrecked at sea, giving them air within the watery environment so that they have a balance that allows them to survive.  In that sense, she would have a healing aspect, and balance out the uncaring treachery of the ocean.

As for this being the highest expression of my heart brain, my ability to feel and show compassion, this week perhaps I can breathe life into something or someone.  Giving someone hope can be a life saver, just as much as the air we breathe.  While disappointed hope can cut deep, not having any hope is like being slowly suffocated.

2) Head – Creativity – Knight of Swords

I quite like this fierce, female Knight of Swords.  She wields her sword with one hand, controlling a mechanical dragon with the other, and all this with her eyes covered.  Does that helmet allow her to see through the mechanical dragon’s eyes?

In terms of creativity, a swords card is perfect as the expression of the head brain.  And this particular image makes me think about getting creative to help people deal with difficult situations.  Helping them (and myself) to make the most of circumstances where we feel hampered or hemmed in sounds like a good way to go this week.

3) Gut – Courage – Eight of Wands

Talk about an awful arachnid!  This spider woman rears up on her dreadfully long legs, a fire in her belly and a rose in her hand.  She is moved by passion, able to scuttle quickly along, creating a web as she goes.  Speed and action all rolled into one, and she manages it while looking calm and unruffled – definitely something to aspire to!

The gut brain is all about taking action, and trusting our gut to know what action we should take.  So, this card fits well, suggesting the gut brain in alignment with its highest expression, the courage to do what needs doing, quickly and without hesitation.

Altogether, this spread makes me think about my magical life coaching clients.  If I can harness the highest expression of each of my multiple brains, I can best help them.  And part of that may be assisting them in tapping into the potential of their own three brains… 🙂

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6 Responses to “Barbieri Tarot Reading”

  • I’m beginning to think I’m turning into a curmudgeon. 🙂 Every new deck I see lately (though beautiful) seems to be directed towards teens and young adults. And most of the people I read for other than myself don’t fall into that category. Now I’m imagining an old lady tarot… The eight of wands would be some elders taking a stroll through a park with their walking canes. Strength would be a woman buying a new bra to support her sagging breasts. 😀

    • I know what you mean, Bev. I don’t see “myself” in most decks, either. And the Greenwitch Tarot recently annoyed me, because it made the Kings and Queens old, but with nothing in between – the Pages were kids, the Knights were teens, but then we jumped to grey haired elders. Where are the middle-aged?
      Maybe you need to design the Young At Heart Tarot 😀 And I need to work on the Midlife Crisis Tarot 😀

  • I don’t like the flavour of this. It’s a parody of Boris Vallejo, rather than scary. A bit silly like S & M posers who think they are dark but come across as immature emotional cripples. Been there done that with H.R. Giger, Luis Royo, Anne Stokes et al.

    I like your “gut brain” thoughts. Normally you can make anything sing Chloe, but this deck seems lame.

    With Xmas coming up I thought to buy myself a new deck. I honestly can’t find any that appeal to me and that’s saying a lot considering the collection I have. It was sadly disappointing.

    • I agree, JJ, that while dark this deck doesn’t feel particularly deep. More like pretty but trying to be brooding/dark, a la Twilight…

      As for Christmas, what about the Celtic Lenormand? 😉

      • Aha, what about it??!! I have it on my wish list, so I’m not sure…think maybe it was out of stock. Oooh, they have 10 in stick now..I have to wait as I’m just about to fly out to buy a new house.

        Good idea, I do like that deck. 😉

        • Oh, I’m glad to hear the house is finally happening, JJ! And glad the Celtic Lenormand may finally find its way to you 😀


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