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What Were Your Best Christmas Gifts?

Lots of people say Christmas is a time for giving.  In that light, I thought I’d use my new deck, the After Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2016) – a Christmas present from my sweet hubbie – to ask about my best Christmas gifts.

What is the best gift I gave this Christmas – Seven of Wands

The best gift I gave was my willingness to dive into the fray.  Christmas was quite hectic, with both sets of grandparents over at the same time.  On top of that, the person who was supposed to help out with the boys for a few hours in the morning while I napped and cooked, got a cold.  So, no help and no nap, despite being up at ridiculous ‘o’ clock, as per normal.  Still, I cooked Christmas dinner, and it was delicious 😉

Later, unwrapping presents with the boys was its own kind of challenge.  Mainly stopping the toddler from opening everything in sight, whether it was for him or anyone else 😀  In it all, I kept track of what was for whom, and from whom, and made sure everyone had gifts to open, drinks to sip, and snacks to eat.

What is the best gift I received this Christmas – Seven of Pentacles

Oh yes, the best gift I got was a half hour on Christmas Day to enjoy the fruits of my labours.  In this case, time to unbox this delightful tarot 🙂

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas wherever and with whomever you celebrated it!

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7 Responses to “What Were Your Best Christmas Gifts?”

  • What a lovely deck! and such a thoughtful gift!
    Although hectic, it seems like you have a lot to be grateful for (Not just the deck :D)
    I am going to answer these tow questions on my blog to. Thanks for inspiring me!

    • Yes, I definitely have a lot to be grateful for, Ellen! I am grateful for my beautiful boys, and my supportive husband, and this wonderful life 🙂 Loved your take on this spread, too 😀

  • I’m really curious about the After Tarot, so I hope you’ll do more readings with it. Glad to hear you were able to go with the flow (sounds like rapids :D) and manage everything even though your helper didn’t show up.

    • As you saw, Bev, I used the After Tarot again (thinking of your comment). And I’ll be posting with it tomorrow, too, just in case you haven’t made up your mind yet 😀

  • Hi Chloe!

    I just wanted to stop by and say hi because I’ve been so terrible about commenting on blogs. Miss you lots!

    I like your spread here. What an interesting idea for spread. Of course I agree with your ability to deal with chaos. I know you are excellent at that. I wish you didn’t have to be. Ha ha. I’m glad you had a delicious feast. We had a Mexican-style feast of tamales and it kind of meat and stuffed chilis topped with sauces that my brother and sister made.

    I’m about to pull out the cards as I sip my coffee this morning. I hope to return to blogging in 2017, if I can figure out how to do so without a computer! Ha ha. After my computer got struck by lightning in October it killed it so doing things such as blocking are much more complicated. But perhaps I will get a computer this year if it’s not financially prohibitive. We’ll see.

    Sending you lots of love for this coming year,

    • P.s. Ignore the crazy typos and autocorrects. I should’ve spell-checked more carefully! Blocking=blogging, etc.

    • Hiya MM,

      Sorry to hear about your computer – that’s a bummer! Still, I’m sure there’s a way to blog from a tablet – I think Steve uses nothing else. Would be great to see you back in the blogosphere. In any case, I’m sure your cards are still faithful companions, whether blogging or not 🙂

      Your tamale Christmas is very odd to my ears, but sounds fun. We go super traditional, German-style (goose, red cabbage, roast veg), with a bit of an Italian twist, as my hubbie loves Panettone 😀

      Wishing you a wonderful 2017!
      Big hugs,


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