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Inner Whispers

Tarot of the Old Path Overview + Giveaway Results

The Tarot of the Old Path (AGMüller, 1990) has the distinction of being one of the earlier pagan-themed tarots.  And the book that accompanies it is full of useful information.  That being said, I cannot find a great deal of warmth in myself towards it. There are some absolutely beautiful cards in this deck, and Continue reading »

The Shadow Of Oz Tarot Reading

This week, it’s another self-published tarot funded through Kickstarter: the Shadow of Oz Tarot (Illogical Associates, 2014).  This is a collaborative deck, created by a number of comic book artists.  As such, it’s more cohesive than some collaborative decks, while still clearly having a variety of artistic styles. Now: Queen of Discs It’s interesting having Continue reading »

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