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Inner Whispers

Did We Have Fun Talking About Death? You Bet!

Friday On Friday and Saturday, I was lucky enough to attend the UK Tarot Conference.  Sadly, I missed Caitlín and John Matthews’ talk on Creating Your Own Tarot Deck at 2pm, which many people raved about. Richard Abbot The first talk I got to attend was Richard Abbot, on Death.  As so often, Richard was Continue reading »

5 Types of Motivation Spread

Motivation is really important if you have something you want to achieve.  It’s something I’ve been looking into, as it’s relevant to my work, as well as to me personally.  And in that exploration, I found a fascinating perspective that analyses five different kinds of motivation.  That inspired me to write a post over on Continue reading »

How To Find Forgiveness…

Ha, Monday’s reading ended up having a set of meanings I couldn’t have foreseen!  Talk about issues with authority figures and commitment, and a need for calmness in the face of chaos.  That calm leads to forgiveness, though I’m not 100% there yet! The college that I have been studying with is losing/giving up its Continue reading »

Do You Have A Gratitude Practice?


On drawing my first card from the gorgeous Spirit Cats Oracle (Nicole Piar, 2016), I was delighted to receive Gratitude.  For one thing, this kitty named Grace is so beautiful!  Grace is a pale brown and white striped cat with fur patterns that look like a lacy point scarf.  She stands in a green background, Continue reading »

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