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How Can I Best Draw on the Elements?

Having finally handed in the last piece of work for the course I’ve been studying for over the last 16 months, I can come up for air, and take a bit of time to reflect.  I decided on a general spread, to look at different aspects of life – a version of the Elements spread.  The  cards are drawn from the Dreams of Gaia Tarot (Blue Angel, 2016)

Air – What will help me at a mental level?

The Four of Earth shows a male figure trying to hold up a building.  He has a wound on his arm, suggesting he’s been going through a tough time.  And the stone above his head is decorated with a bee, symbol of the Goddess.  There’s also a slight Tower feel here.  Is he trying to shore up a doomed edifice?  Are his ideas in need of a shake up?

Certainly, things have been tough physically of late.  We’re still in rented accomodation, which is stressful in a lot of ways: a sink and shower that leak; an oven with the insulation drooping off the middle so the whole metal outside heats up dangerously, especially as it’s at kiddie level; and as our rental period is up soon, there have been five viewings, just in the last week.  Strangers trooping around what is currently our home, even if it isn’t very homely 🙁  All this has been weighing on my mind, and the stress has seen me eating very unhealthily.  So, what will help me change my mindset, and change my physical responses?

Firstly, perhaps just acknowledging how hard it’s felt.  And then, I wonder why he has to hold the whole building up by himself?  Has he forgotten to call on spirit, on the Goddess represented on the stone above him, for help?  Although I’ve continued to meditate daily, perhaps there is something here about giving over my worries to spirit.  If I can ask for help, and allow it to flow in, it won’t feel so much like I’m carrying everything on my own.

Fire – What will help me feel inspired and creative?

Intuition is an interesting card to get here.  I notice the symbolism pointing to Persephone, and am reminded that she became the Queen of the Underworld, but only for part of every year.

This image points to needing to grow and change, to take on new responsibilities and help others.  And yet, Persephone maintains a connection with her old life, her old passions and relationships.  I’ve been thinking about whether to go back to several projects I had planned on the tarot/magic front.  Or should I focus more purely on being a professional clinical hypnotherapist, now that I’m getting my official qualification?  This card suggests growing up, taking on a ‘real’ job.  And yet, Persephone thrives by maintaining links to her old life.  When asked recently what I am passionate about, “Tarot!” came right out of my mouth.  Perhaps it is ‘deadening’ to believe I have to just be serious and work all the time…

Water – What will help me at an emotional level?

A beautiful angel figure stands with her back to us, facing a portal.  Around her, rainbow butterflies that echo her own wings fly up into the sky.  There is an open eye at the top of the doorway, and blue sky all around, though the portal leads into a night sky.

This reminds me of the Nietzsche quote about looking into an abyss, and the abyss gazing into you.  Focusing on the negative rarely brings anything positive into your life.  While Nietzsche meant this as a negative, the void is also the place of infinite potential.  Opening your mind to the amazing possibilities of life can be a wonderous thing.  So, time to stop those negative tapes running circles in my mind and making me unhappy.  Instead, I need to open to opportunity.  It also reminds me of meditating on the infinite spaces of the universe – a reminder of how small and inconsequential my troubles really are.  If I can truly feel that, perhaps I can let go of my emotional response to my thoughts.

Earth – What will help me at a practical level?

A woman rises from turbulent waters in the Ten of Water.  A turtle swims up from the depths, while a glowing, one-eyed heart shines rays of light from above.  The woman holds a triple-moon symbol in one hand and seems to draw up the waters, or the turtle, with the other.

Combining watery emotions in the position of the body and the physical: dealing with comfort eating is written all over this card!  Getting a grip on the cycles of my emotions and connecting to spirit.  Finding a long-term way to feel in control of my emotions, no matter what comes to batter me.  Once again, the call of the Goddess is there, and finding some breathing space beyond the emotional turbulence.

Heart – What will help me be more compassionate?

Another of the unusual Majors in this position: XII: The Hero.  I see a woman’s face (personal gender bias is more than possible, though look at those Angelina-Jolie-esque lips), in a golden mask.  There are horns, with green crystals hanging from them.  An open eye graces the sun that rises above a peacock-feathered decoration over the third eye and crown.  Beneath our hero, a bear head and paws, framed by two boars heads.

There is great strength and fearlessness here.  And yet, what it says to me is that if I admit I don’t have to be the hero all the time, that is the most compassionate path.  Recognising that this is just a mask, an illusion, that is the real strength.

Potential Outcome – Where can I hope to get to if I find my balance?

In position fifteen of the Majors, instead of The Devil we have Abundance.  There is an Empress feel to this card, with the woman surrounded by a cornacopeia of fruits and vegetables, golden treasure, a rabbit, and holding a nest of just-hatching chicks and their mother in her hand.  There is a cauldron full of rainbows behind her, beneath a protective, great, golden dragon.

This figure is slim, despite being surrounded by abundance.  She is guarded by spirit in a very manifest way.  And she is seeing new growth, new potentials, spring to life before her eyes.  So mote it be!

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7 Responses to “How Can I Best Draw on the Elements?”

  • This feels like an multilayered advice to take it easy and rest. See the good things around you and be grateful for them and explore new possibilities but don’t jump into anything yet. Aafter having worked so hard for so long your body and mind need time to adjust and you have to learn to relax again. I hope house wise considered you will be in calmer waters

    • It’s interesting, Ellen, other than the first card I don’t see much rest here. Taking an overview, it all seems about the interaction of mind and emotions. Something happened a couple of days ago that has made me dig deep into my hypnotherapy skillsets, and I hope that getting a better grasp of my emotions will help 🙂 As for the house – 3 and a half weeks and counting 😀

  • First of all, hurrah for finishing the work! That Four of Earth (especially his injury) makes me think your body has taken a hit due to the stress of all your obligations and duties. Maybe now is the time to be a little selfish when it comes to caring for it – take some walks, do some yoga, and eat mindfully. Rebuild your body’s strength and energy. That quote of Nietzsche (and the void in the card) reminded me of how small we can make our pot of possibilities when we add a lot of “shoulds” or “what ifs” in the mix. Let go of them and see just how wide and spacious your pot of potential becomes! Sending you a celebratory and encouraging hug!

    • Yes, you’re right, my body has taken a hit, Bev. My own fault, in many ways, mistreating it. I am trying to remedy that, though this week we went abroad for a family party, which was fun but also tough. Not posting tomorrow, I just feel too tired. Yet, I know I miss it when I don’t – the time for self-reflection, and the connection with like-minded others. Still, for now, I think I shall just try to do a bit of catching up on other people’s blogs 😀

  • Rental is hard, but to also have to do viewings with strangers trooping through is hard to bear. It makes you feel like you have no control. I often think of the Empress as a ruler, a person with control, but in a nice way, not heavy-handed.

    One thing I find helpful is the idea to float above feelings of anxiety or worry. So, there is the feeling in your body and then you float above it, not trying to do anything about it, not trying to fight it, not trying to make things happen, no struggle, simply allow the sensation and float, just as you would if finding yourself struggling in water.

    • Yeah, they’re supposed to give us 24 hours notice, but they take the mickey a bit – last week I got an email at 11.39am for a 2pm viewing!
      I like that floating suggestion, JJ. I do something a bit similar, but often float right up into the sky to allow the sunlight or starlight to pour over and through me 🙂

      • There’s a meditation called “Eating the Sun” where you look toward the sun and open your mouth and let those rays in which reminds me of what you do.

        After I got the Tree Affirmation deck where she refers to trees as “the standing people”, I used to go out and do a similar salutation to trees saying “Hello standing people!” or giving them a pat.

        I think part of our monstrous human anxieties these days is due to the disconnection with nature, so any of these things is beneficial.


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