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What Challenges and Opportunities Am I Blessed With?

We moved house on Friday, into a house that’s not finished yet.  So, it’s a building site still, and there are four rooms we can’t really use.  That means we can’t unpack, and have boxes looming over us in the remaining rooms.  And yet, it’s home.

I decided to ask about the challenges and opportunities in the week to come, and how to face them/make the most of them.  Still drawing from the Triple Goddess Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2017), which I’m really enjoying!

Challenges – XVIII – The Moon

By the light of the moon, things are not always as they seem.  Our fears can make every shadow into a monster, when really it may just be a coat flapping or a tree branch swaying.  How we see ourselves is equally dependent on our emotions, as body dysmorphia very clearly shows.

Two things come up for me here.  Firstly, that I may not be realistic in how I see myself.  Sometimes, it’s that I am overly critical, and other times perhaps I think, “oh, it’s not that bad”, when I do need to keep myself in line.

Secondly, there’s the stuff with the house.  I’m afraid it’s going to be a complete nightmare living with building works for the next few weeks.  We originally moved out for three months, though the builders said it’d be 5 or 6 weeks.  We didn’t want to expose the kids to all the dust and dirt and upheaval.

It’s 12 weeks later, and they told us last Wednesday afternoon that it would be at least another 2 weeks!   This two days before we had our move home scheduled, with our rental contract up – grrr!  Still, it’s also lovely to be home.

How To Face The Challenges – Nine of Cups

I like how the people get older as the numbers of the suit rise.  An older lady polishes a cup from a cabinet of trophies.

In terms of weight, this card reminds me to give thanks for all I’ve achieved, and for all the supportive structures I have in place.  If I can feel emotional satisfaction and contentment, then I am less likely to become overcritical of myself.  And knowing what I can do will help me to continue with it…

As for the house, what I see here is that I can feel more stable through cleaning! 😀  Have done a lot of that over the weekend.  It’s a little bizarre having cutlery in what was a stationary draw, and having food stored in a cupboard we normally use for slow cookers, steamers and other cooking equipment.  But we can’t currently use those boxed machines, anyway, and we do need some food supplies: granola for breakfast, and herbs to spice up a salad.  And the physical act of cleaning is meditative and healing.

Opportunities – Two of Cups

My Dear One and I both have the same need for tidiness and order.  He’s been doing more actual cleaning – hoovering and mopping – while I’ve been doing more unpacking and organising.  Still, we’ve been working as a team.  An opportunity to strengthen our relationship in the face of challenges, then 😉

I also wonder whether this refers to establishing other relationships.  There are three different working relationships I want to get back on track…

How Best to Make Use of These Opportunities – Nine of Wands

Interesting that both the cards of what to actually do are Nines!  That means both depict older women, reminding me to draw on my life experience.

This lovely lady is tending the bushes that have grown up around her wands.  It reminds me of my husband planting a prickly bush around our back wall last year after we had a break-in.  There are ways to defend yourself that are attractive and relatively passive/gentle.  For example, in dealing with the builders, this makes me think of the axiom that you draw more flies with honey than with vinegar.

As for my Dear One, perhaps a reminder to compliment him on what he does.  Like the lady may be enjoying the flowers on those bushes.  It’s never bad to remember that he doesn’t know what’s in my head.  So, if I’m grateful for what he’s doing, I should tell him so.

And in terms of those other relationships, they are all things I’ve been working on/towards for months.  Could this be the final push, on at least one of them?  I guess that is, at least in part, up to me!

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6 Responses to “What Challenges and Opportunities Am I Blessed With?”

  • I wonder if that Two of Cups could be you and your hubby at the end of the day sharing what made you laugh or smile, something that brightened you day that could keep your spirits from sagging. I also thought that Nine of Wands might refer to you ‘maintaining’ your work garden and protecting it even though you are in the middle of some chaos right now. Hugs to you and yours as you navigate the ups and downs of your days!

    • What beautiful interpretations to add to my understandings, Bev, thank you! My hubbie and I are quite good at supporting and encouraging one another. We generally have a little Two of Cups moment after I meditate and before I head up to bed each night 🙂 And I love the idea of it being me defending my work garden 😀

  • I’m glad you are finally back at home! Hopefully the builders will be up and out quickly, and you’ll be able to fully settle in. How are you liking this deck? It looks like a very close relative of the Silver Witchcraft Tarot.

    • Hi Olivia, I like the artwork better than the Silver Witchcraft Tarot, which was a bit too CGI, and I wasn’t keen on all the robes, either. Still, the premise of that deck was good. Equally, this one has some lovely touches – I really like the people getting older and wiser as the suits progress 😀 And the Majors feel more approachable and natural – the “pedestal”s in the Silver Witchcraft made it feel a bit sterile, to me.
      As for being home, it’s improving. We now have a working washing machine (vital with kids in the house, right?), and a microwave (so no more takeaways, which gets old really fast) 😀

  • Congrats on your new place!!!! It’s always tiring moving house but ultimately worth the effort. I hope to catch glimpses of pics of the new digs!


    • Hey Hannah, thanks for stopping by! You’re right, moving is always a drag, even when it’s moving back to our home ‘after’ building works (which are still ongoing as I type!) Hope you’ve been enjoying your internet hiatus, and that things are warming up in your neck of the woods 🙂


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