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How To Clear Some Mental Space

Suddenly, I’m put in mind of an old folk song: Oh dear! What can the matter be?  It’s the story of Johnny being gone too long at the fair, despite having promised his sweetheart several treats on his return, including a bunch of blue ribbons.  She worries that he’s not home yet, and I ask myself: is she just borrowing trouble?  Sounds rather like the Nine of Swords, which appears in this week’s reading with the Oriental Tarot (Araba Fenice and RINASCIMENTO Italian Style Art, 2016).


Situation: Eight of Wands

The Wands here are in a well-organised pattern, like a grid, tied with red ribbons.  Seems like a situation where there’s a lot going on, and a need for some structure to help things move smoothly.

Release: Cavalier de Baton (Knight of Wands)

This Knight’s stead is rearing up, its body facing to the left, while its head faces forward.  Meanwhile, the Knight is looking off to the right.  So, he’s future-oriented, though he may not always be headed where he plans to go.

As what to release, this reminds me that when there’s a lot to get done, being methodical is a better bet than running off enthusiastically at the drop of a hat.

Embrace: Nine of Swords

I like the pattern that the bulk of the swords make.  They are pushed out to the edges, but forming a safe space for the sword in the centre.  It’s interesting, because the Eight of Swords shows the same pattern, but with a coin in the centre – all the thoughts are on the outside.  Here, space has been made for a single idea.

Insomnia and I are frenemies of old.  These days (or should that be these nights), I am generally much better at dealing with it.  There are perhaps churning thoughts, those blades pushed to the edges of the space.  Yet, there is also a feeling of boundaries, and a frame for a single strategy.

And that is one of the best things to do to beat insomnia: push the bulk of ideas  you don’t need right now out to the edges of your mind, and focus on just a single thing.  That’s something I do when I meditate at night, trying to calm my churning thoughts so that I can get back to sleep.  I often imagine the other thoughts being put somewhere safe until I want or need them again, and just focus on my breath.

This Week

Overall, this reading reminds me that things are getting busy in the run up to the holidays.  Having family abroad, I need to get things sorted early, to leave time for posting.  Being organised and methodical about it is definitely a good idea.  And still making time for meditation to help keep me sane also seems not just a good idea, but vital!

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4 Responses to “How To Clear Some Mental Space”

  • Meditation can be such a life saver!
    I like your idea to mentally store non pressing thoughts and projects away in a closet with a big lock until later

    • Yes, Ellen, that’s exactly the image. I often think about the Four of Pentacles from the DruidCraft Tarot 😀

  • Menopause has introduced me to insomnia, and I have tried to fight it every way I can – from melatonin and meditation to avoiding caffeine and blue screens. I finally figured out that if I befriend it instead, it is much more helpful. So now when I wake at 1 or 2 am, I read in bed (I’m catching up on reading for pleasure these days :)). I generally go back to sleep for a few hours when I do this, which helps! And though I don’t have a toddler who gets me up at “oh god, what time is it?!” every morning, I do have two cats who do not understand the time change, lol. Here’s hoping you can “let it be” and relax my friend.

    • You know, Bev, this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot this last week. How much can we actually change things, and how much do we just have to accept, especially as an aspect of ageing?

      In terms of insomnia, these days I often lie in bed quietly and meditate. Even if I don’t fall asleep, it does feel restful.

      For other things, I remind myself of some of the really “young looking/seeming” people I’ve met over the decades. Ageing isn’t an all-or-nothing thing, and I’d like to be one of those people who others figure are 50 or 60, when in fact they’re 70 or 80…. I think mindset has a lot to do with it, and keeping active both mentally and physically.


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