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How to Create A Happily Ever After

I was extremely delighted when a gorgeous parcel arrived last week from Boca Raton, home of Lisa Hunt.  I’d pre-ordered my Fairy Tale Lenormand (U.S.Games, 2016) direct from the artist.  I like supporting deck creators, and Lisa creates such lovely parcels!  You can see the treasure trove in tomorrow’s unboxing video 😉

Looking at the week ahead, I threw this nine square:


Heart and Theme

At the heart of it all is the Garden – a question of community and social groups.  The corners (Key, Dog, Snake, Book) suggest a theme of recognising the importance of staying faithful to the boundaries around secrets.  To me, that speaks of honouring what people do and don’t want to share.  Just because you are a part of a group doesn’t mean you give up your individuality.

Action Points

There is a diplomatic comfort zone in repetitive news (Bouquet, House, Rider, Whip).  I read this as saying that if I don’t want to share, I at least need to give out some information so that people know I’m still engaged.  It doesn’t have to be deep and personal, just like the human equivalent of tail-wagging.

Bringing It To Life

I recently joined a group, about ten days ago, and almost left straight away after I felt rather intruded upon – someone commenting on what I had believed to be a private journal.  They have since apologised, and the settings of the community have been adjusted to keep journals private.  I’ve been staying very quiet, unsure of how I felt about the whole thing.  However, I may get more out of it if I do participate.  Doesn’t mean I have to share my life story right away, but I haven’t posted anything to the public part yet…

So, my happily ever after includes others, but on my own terms!

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8 Responses to “How to Create A Happily Ever After”

  • These cards are so pretty! The theme of this reading is interesting because I’m pondering this for myself at the moment and trying to figure out where my own boundaries lie. Content marketing has to have a personal flavour or it won’t capture the interest of readers… Especially in a day and age when literally thousands of people are sharing very similar content. The problem, for me, is not fear of being transparent/deeply personal as much as a realisation that I change so much all the time that people can’t really keep up… I look back at some of the stuff I wrote only last year and go ‘ugh’ – The last thing I want is people trying to hold me hostage to something I wrote about myself or my beliefs in the past… But I suppose it’s MY problem that I even care about that. Ideally, I’d like to start every day with a clean slate. With blogging I’m under the illusion that I can… but there are archives that people like to read through and posts show up in Google searches too. Even in this post-truth world of ours, words carry power… How do we best use it?

    • That’s so true, Lisa! Both about words carrying power (for ourselves and for others), and about changing, so we might not recognise ourselves, and yet others somehow expect us to still be who we said we were.

      Part of my issue with this particular community is that it’s focused on one topic. And who I am in that area of my life might be very different to who I am in other areas. A bit like the different hats we might wear in life, and people treat you differently according to the hat/role. Yet, I know I’m not just that hat, so even in this exact moment it doesn’t feel right to be judged by what I write about how it feels to wear that hat.

      I wish us both luck in figuring out how to be who we are right now. And maybe accept that how others see us will, in part, be about what’s going on for them, no matter what we say, or how we change…

  • The thing about sharing on social media is that my ideas and beliefs change. I look back at some of my blog posts from years ago and cringe, lol. I can’t imagine posting what I write in my journal, so I’m glad that some boundaries went up to protect your online journal. Some things I think it is good to share – we can trade information about solutions and helpful hints. But other things are meant just for me to sort them out in my head, which writing helps me do. Lovely Lenormand – though coming from Lisa Hunt I wouldn’t expect anything less!

    • It is a beautiful deck, and as I say, the unboxing was a delight 🙂

      It’s funny, both you and Lisa had something of the same response – not wanting to be judged for what you wrote in the past. And even just information and tips, well, what I’d advise someone on a particular topic also changes as I experience different things in my own life. Doesn’t always make me cringe to see my old advice, but I can see how it was influenced by where I was at that time, and how I now have a very different perspective… 🙂

  • Love the deck and the phrase: “the human equivalent of tail-wagging” we should do wag more often if only to put other at ease.
    For me blogging is what could be considered as a shared journal. what write in my private journal is so much more raw and certainly of limits for everyone
    Good for you to keep a watchful eye on your personal boundaries. Even by being only an observer can teach you a lot too 🙂

    • You’re right, Ellen, and I have pretty much decided to stay just an observer. I will get involved in other communities, but I’d rather have a more direct way to communicate with people. Even here in the blogosphere, I can go directly to people and comment and share if I feel like. Better than an anonymous group online, with folks I probably won’t *see* again a month later! 🙂

  • Oh lord, the ratty things I say in my written journals need to be destroyed. Online I am much more subdued, but I think I share too much sometimes. I really prefer talking about cards and art and poetry than myself.

    Groups are completely silly. Some bright spark decides to target you and set you straight or constantly question what you say. I remember some woman (she’d just written a book that went with the tarot deck of the moment and was feeling quite full of herself), who followed me around from forum to forum, browbeating me and getting her online pals to do the same. It didn’t matter what I said, the clique would go on and on. Kind of like high school, except I was 48 at the time. I wouldn’t even bother today, such is my greater maturity. Ha-ha.

    I didn’t realize that Lisa had created a Lenormand–so nice to see hand painted decks these days. I love that house.

    • Well, it can be helpful to share things about yourself. That way, people respond to you on a more personal level. However, I know what you mean about online trolls in groups – I had that happen a couple of years ago, and hated the experience.
      And yes, these are lovely cards. And being a US Games production in a tin, they should be easily available… 🙂


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