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Inner Whispers

Dancing In A Bathtub?

This week’s deck is the long-awaited Urban Tarot (Robin Scott, 2016).  And when I say long-awaited, I really mean it: I’ve been aware of this deck since about 2007, and signed up to the Kickstarter when it first began, back in March 2012!  Nearly four years later, it’s finally here, and absolutely gorgeous 🙂

Urban Tarot Reading Tarot Bridge Spell

1) Situation – Princess of Wands – The Dancer

A burlesque dancer in panties and suspenders performs a fire eating act on her chair.  Talk about being extroverted, daring, and sensual!

In terms of my situation, I think this is more about exploring something I’m passionate about – giving things a go 🙂  As an issue, it could be about leaping before I look, which I’ll admit I’m sometimes prone to.

2) Desired/Desirable Outcome – Two of Disks (Pentacles) – Change

A woman works out on a balance ball, exercising her abs and legs.  The mirror image, with the lemniscate joining the two disks (real/floating, mirrored), especially given the keyword of change.  What kind of change are we looking for?  Is it one that will bring physical or material benefits?  Or simply a better work-life balance: exercising rather than just being sat at a desk all day?

My week will start out still very focused on the essay I need to hand in next Monday.  However, I want to get it to my tutor by Tuesday, to give her time to read it, feedback, and for me to make any necessary changes.  So, hopefully in between times, and once it’s done, my focus can change to other things…

3) Energy Needed – Three of Swords – Sorrow

Blood and water flow down the drain inside a bathtub, the aftermath of a cry for help, or a successful expression of deepest sorrow, as witnessed by the bloody razor blade on the side.  Sometimes, we need to take time to wash away the sorrow, rather than reacting in the moment, which often works out very poorly.  Advice, then, to sit with uncomfortable thoughts, to let hurtful words wash over us and away.

Hmm, if the feedback on my essay isn’t what I hope for, I shouldn’t panic or give up.  Let it sink in and I’ll work a way around it.  And, in a less predictive way, a reminder that part of this essay is about trying to understand other people’s pain, in order to be able to help with it.

Overall, I see a message not to get too swept away by my enthusiasm, to balance that with a healthy dose of realism, and to be willing to sit with the discomfort of waiting to hear back about the draft of my essay 🙂

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2 Responses to “Dancing In A Bathtub?”

  • Did you spring for the companion book? I never write deck creators, but I felt the need to contact Robin and let her know how much I appreciated the effort she put in both her art and writing. This set is the best I’ve bought in a LONG time. It is such a raw, gritty look at life on one hand, yet balanced by such love and beauty on the other. And the diversity is a wonder to behold! 🙂

  • The deck looks awesome. I have seen it a few times on Instagram too.
    The three of swords reminded me or something I read on IG too (boy do i have to get a life :D) “feel, deal, heal.”


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