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Dark Goddess Tarot Reading

BF-DarkGdsT-QuestSpreadOnce again, I’ll be using a coaching-inspired spread this week, drawing from Ellen Lorenzi-Prince’s Dark Goddess Tarot (Arnell Art, 2013).  The acronym this time is QUEST:

  1. What is my QUEST? – Hag (King) of Water (Cups) – Ran

The booklet tells us that Ran is a Norse Goddess of the Drowned.  The little catchphrase for her is: Surrender to the sea to find her secret places.  We see a white-haired woman under the sea, her hands reaching up to a boat on the surface, and the white waves forming the shape of hands to drag sailors down.  At the bottom of the sea lie sunken ships and a drowned figure sinks slowly towards the bed of the sea.

My quest this week is to seek emotional wisdom.  This may not always be easy: it may require looking into some scary depths and letting go of some parts of myself.

BF-DarkGdsT-QuestRdg2) What might UNDO me? – V – Hierophant – Cybele

Cybele is an Anatolian Mountain Mother, and her phrase is: Transcend boundaries through community.  She sits upon a throne with mountains in the background and lions to either side of her.  She is wearing a green dress representative of growth and nature, and a purple cape, sign of wisdom, as well as a red belt to suggest a touch of passion held carefully in check.

If I cannot find a sense of community that let’s me overcome boundaries, I will not be able to find that emotional wisdom.  It is only in the presence of others that I can safely dive deep.  I also see the idea that other people’s wisdom or structures won’t work for me.  While I need other people, the wisdom I seek must be my own.

3) How can I ESCAPE that trap? – Hag (King) of Earth (Pentacles) – She Who Watches

This Goddess was a Chinook Stone Chief, and her phrase is: Remember history or more will be lost.  She who watches is a huge red stone, in amongst many other stones.  You can’t more grounded or earthy than that 😀

The message I get here is about remembering my own history, rather than general history.  This card also points to staying in the moment, being truly present where I am, and staying practical and grounded.  It also suggests leadership or responsibility.  So, I must take responsibility for my history, and for my current experience of the realities of life, rather than accepting other people’s dogma (The Hierophant).

4) What is my next STEP? – XXI – The World – Coatlicue

Coatlicue is an Aztec Mother of Creation.  Her sentence reads: A single manifestation holds a multitude of being.  We see this bare-breasted Goddess standing with her palms held out to us, fingers up.  Her palms are blue, and she wears a golden crown.  Her skirt is made of snakes, and two more writhe around her head.  Behind her is a red circle, perhaps representative of time, or the bloods of creation.  Reading a bit more of her mythos, she represents both the womb and the grave.  Lots of myths include great battles between her children, and Coatlicue herself being sacrificed by having her head chopped off!

My next step is to recognise the different aspects of life, that things don’t have to be simple or perfect or nice.  Life is hard, and that is part of its joy.  Sacrifice is sometimes necessary, part of the natural cycle.

5) How can I TELL if I’m on the right path? – Witch (Queen) of Air (Swords) – Oya

Oya is a Santeria Goddess associated with the Whirlwind.  The phrase Ellen Lorenzi-Prince chose for her is: Tear the veil between the worlds, and anything can happen.  I love the image here.  A dark-skinned woman in a white dress with colourful ribbons hanging from her waist spins around, creating the whirlwind.

I love Oya, she is a Goddess I call on often.  Her energy can be quite destructive, but extremely cleansing – she sweeps away the cobwebs and makes way for new ideas and thoughts.  Although it is emotional wisdom I seek, it must also be rational and clear.  I will be able to see if I am on the right path if I can clear out old blocks and prejudices.

This morning, I was reading “A Squash and a Squeeze” to my Little One.  The basic moral is that you should be happy with what you have, grateful, as life could always be worse.  I don’t really like it much.

As the mother of a severly disabled child, sure things could be worse.  However, it’s also fair to feel sad at times.  And I cannot feel grateful that this happened to my Big Boy.  I can feel grateful for his cheeky smile, for his enjoyment of life, for his love of school, for the cuddles and the ‘chats’ and the play.  But I cannot feel grateful that he got ill and suffered brain damage, for all that he will never be able to do, and for the pain that he suffers every day.

This week, then, I can seek a bit more emotional clarity around this, in the presence of others, but honouring my own lived experience.  The World has come up for me quite often in the past around my son’s condition.  Yes, it is a blessing and a curse, and we can grow from it, even if it will never be over and never be perfect.  If I can sweep away some of the emotional hurts from the past and be clear in my own mind about where we are headed, I’ll be on the right path.

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6 Responses to “Dark Goddess Tarot Reading”

  • Jeez, I can’t believe how early we’re both up! 🙂 Powerful reading… I see now why the Hierophant remark made you giggle. Thank you for sharing your own struggles so candidly. Blessings to you and yours on this Full Moon! )O(

    • Ha ha, I thought the same when I saw your early morning posts on IG! As for the Hierophant thing, I was actually thinking about a spell I did this morning and posted to IG and tsu (which I’ve finally got on my phone, so I might actually get in there more). Still, you’re right, it’s clearly a Hierophant week for me all round.
      Blessings to you and yours, too, Lisa! )O(

  • I love Lorenzi-Prince’s decks; the art may be simple and not “blingy,” but they have always offered very meaningful and deep readings for me.
    And I can relate to you as a mother who wants good things for their child. I’ve got one child who suffers from anxiety and depression and a stepson who is an addict and alcoholic. She would give anything to get better (and is willing to try anything), and he doesn’t want to change at all. Byron Katie says, “love what is.” I don’t know if I can love the burdens these two have to carry, but I try to accept them. Motherhood is not for the faint-hearted! Hugs to you.

    • Yes and yes, Bev. I had wonderful, deep readings with the Tarot of the Crone, as well. And motherhood is not for the faint of heart. I had a discussion at the weekend with a friend who chose not to be a mother. She sometimes feels judged for it, but I can totally understand her decision. Loving what is, that’s a very wise approach in every regard 🙂

  • I can understand how you feel about being grateful for everything. If you can try to accept the situation around your eldest (like Bev mentioned ) perhaps that would lighten your burden. Yes the little daily gifts are the ones you can genuine be grateful for. Maybe if you try of forgive yourself for the darker feelings there will be more room for gratitude.
    As you know I can relate to this. Some things I have to accept because I never can change them….

    • Wise as ever, Ellen. It’s true, we must accept what we cannot change. That step from acceptance to gratitude seems a long one, but in a strange way perhaps that’s because we have to go the other way – try to start at gratitude, and that will bring the acceptance… 🙂


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