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Delos Tarot Reading

BF-Delos-RdgThis week we have a cute deck from Lamb-Lamb in South Korea, the Delos Tarot.

Now: King of Pentacles

This guy is very managerial, always focused on the material.  He knows what anything is worth, and what it will require at a practical level. He also enjoys the good things in life, valuing what he can taste, touch, and smell. He has no problem asserting his will: just look at the way he’s treading on that winged feline creature!

I can see where I might need his energy this week.  I have to organise things like insurance, as well as managing different time schedules over the summer.

Don’t: Seven of Wands

Tee hee, I like this chap in his fancy purple jacket and matching hat.  And I find the wands with little heads on the top reminiscent of pencil caps I had as a kid. This card also matches my preference: you can’t see anyone wielding the other wands.  So, though this person is on the defensive, it’s possible that any attack is more in their own mind than in their environment.  This fits my numerological understanding of the Fives being challenges around you, while the Sevens are more internal challenges.

This week, then, a warning not to get on the defensive, especially as it may just be me assuming people will disapprove of something I’m doing, rather than that actually happening.

Do: The Chariot

This princely charioteer seems to have no trouble controlling his disparate hobby-horse steeds without reins, he is moving confidently along his path away from the stability of the castle city behind him.

Move forward with confidence, then 🙂

These cards make me think of my feeling that I had to justify myself to the first insurance agent I spoke with last week.  I’ve started a couple of things around working as a magical life coach: professional indemnity insurance and some extra training.  When people ask in what field I will be coaching, I’ve been saying ‘personal development’.  It did throw me a bit the first time, though: how do I explain to a ‘proper professional’ (King of Pents), that I help people make changes in their life using tarot cards and magic?

Still, these cards remind me I can walk this path with confidence, it’s all about my own attitude!

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10 Responses to “Delos Tarot Reading”

  • I can imagine you can feel lost for words when you want to explain yourself to people who haven’t the slightest idea what tarot and magic are all about. Maybe for now it is enough to lead your chariot through the narrow roads of bureaucracy and just tell them what they need to knows so they can do there work and you have enough energy to do yours. 🙂

    • Sounds like a good plan, Ellen. I managed one phone call that way, and each time I do, I feel a bit more confident 🙂

  • I like the dragon-like gargoyle underneath the King’s foot. Almost as if he is tamping down any desires of the ego so he can accomplish what is necessary. The little “pencil heads” made me laugh! I imagine the more you explain what you do, it will begin rolling off the tongue quite easily. 🙂

    • Yes, I like the dragon/gargoyle, too. There is one in the RWS, but it’s more like a lumpy rock. This one has such personality, and mournful eyes: “why do you tread on me?!” 😀 I like your description that this is the call of ego being tamped down!
      As for the explanations, yes, I think practice will help. Reminds me of a time I went to a party and determinedly told everyone I was a tarot reader. It wasn’t as bad as I’d feared, even though they were all fancy city types 😀

  • What a charming little deck! Like you I prefer no people in my Seven of Wands for the reasons you’ve shared. I notice that each of the figures is carrying implements in their right hands–both hands in the Seven–suggesting you’ll need to move from a more active, masculine place right now to earth what is essentially a highly intuitive service. The contrast is pronounced for me but the focus seems to be on that forwards, manifest energy right now as you claim and name your talents to the larger world.

    • I am finding it a really lovely deck to read with – charming, but with plenty of meat to dig into 🙂 Interesting, yes, having to take a practical, forward-focused approach to a more intuitive subject. Hmm, claim and name my talents, huh…

  • Fun deck! I could definitely see myself using this. I love quirky things. I am really impressed by how you’re positing yourself in the world. I’ve seen you go from being super nervous about the concept of magic (as in, outing yourself with it, in a way) to being much more open, making videos about it, etc! It’s very impressive and inspiring. Your energy around this seems very different than even a few months ago! Wishing you well. XOXO, MM

    • You’re right, MM, my energy has changed. Not sure why, but it just feels right 🙂 And yes, it is a very fun deck – I’m loving it!

  • These cards are quite interesting! I like the somewhat rustic quality to the art, despite the slight anime-like touch to the people. I understand how difficult it must be to discuss your work with an insurance agent! But it’s such a wonderful step forward for your business! Congrats 😉

    • I was quite won over by them. They’d make a good reading deck, I think. As for the business stuff, thanks, I’m really excited about it 🙂


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