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Destiny Is Brewing Lenormand Reading

This week, I decided to go with a Lenormand deck.  It’s an interesting one, self-published by Kerry Gummersall, with illustrations by Heather Strahan, called Destiny is Brewing: A Lenormand Oracle.  Each image is connected with a teacup in some way, and the book gives tea leaf meanings for the cards (which seem related to near and far Lenormand readings) as well as straight up Lenormand interpretations.

BF-DestinyBrewing-Rdg1Clover, Stars, Tree, Child, Snake

Brainstorming on these cards gives me the following:

Opportune guidance regarding health suggests new boundaries.

Spirit provides some luck in relation to health, a new sense of rootedness, though it may be a winding path to get there.

A little “poison” brings new clarity regarding health.

The first of these feels most appropriate to me, personally.  Given how much work I’m doing at the moment on healthy eating (with a webinar coming up next Wednesday 29th July), I hope that some of this guidance will suggest new boundaries for people that help improve their health.

It’s not just for other people, either.  I’m always looking for information to help me make better eating decisions, too.  Like a recent article that suggested if you have “dessert” (read anything with sugar, from my perspective) at any time of day, the best time is in the morning.  Pretty counterintuitive, given the old idiom of “start as you mean to go on”.  Still, I’m finding it works for me, having some sweetened granola for breakfast.  I thoroughly enjoy my breakfast “treat” and I’m fine to go the rest of the day without any sugar – score!

To read journal prompts based on these cards, click here.

6 Responses to “Destiny Is Brewing Lenormand Reading”

  • I can imagine that this is actually working. If you crave the whole day for sometime you are more inclined to give in late at night when you are tired of fighting. And often you take more than just a bite. I am “‘addicted” to crisps and having just a handful prevents me from digging deep into the bag for a whole lot more 😀
    I hope this webinar will give you more great tips as well as you can teach others from you experience

    • That’s exactly it, Ellen! And thanks, I hope the webinar will be a lovely learning experience for everyone involved 🙂

  • I like the teacup theme of this deck – looks very well done!
    That’s interesting about having a sweet in the morning, but it makes sense. I’m generally the most tired in the evening, and if I’m looking for a sweet “fix,” I’m likely to overindulge.

    • Yes, there are a couple of cards where the teacups aren’t so obvious. Overall, though, I think it’s very well done, and interesting as well as attractive 🙂
      As for the sweets, yes, nighttime is tough, that and the after lunch lull. I find doing other things to keep my hands/mind occupied also help, and the having a treat earlier in the day is definitely worth trying!

  • You are a personal hero of mine now, what with getting rid of sugar!!!! I think reducing sugar, for me, would be a good move to make. I sure do like my nightly tea with a treat, though! Still, in other ways I’ve become more intentional about food choices of late, which feels good. Granola is a nice breakfast. 🙂

    • Being intentional with your food choices, that’s a great way of putting it, Olivia. There are so many foods with stuff hidden in them, and so many times that we just grab whatever is to hand. I’ll admit, I’m certain I still get some sugar, for instance in bread or in ready meals occasionally. But I try to cook simple food from scratch most of the time, and to look at labels before buying… 🙂


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