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What the Devil Am I Going to Chant?

Back at the start of the year, Carla suggested looking at the numerology of each month to examine its energies, and in February she picked a chant to match.  I joined in, as I love chanting.  In April, Carla wasn’t sure she was going to carry on, and didn’t post about it til 9th April.  So, I picked a mantra of my own.  As I see Temperance as being a card of healing, I chose Om Sri Dhanvantre Namaha.

Chant to Tame the Devil

This month, it’s the turn of the Devil.  The first thing to spring to my mind was Durga, whose subtitle in the Goddess Oracle (U.S. Games, 2006) is Boundaries.  When you’re facing temptations and addictions, healthy boundaries are definitely a good idea!

Then, I started to second guess myself.  Maybe Ganesha, as destroyer of obstacles, would be better.  Or what about Kali, who cuts out addictions with her sword?

In the end, I decided to stick with He Ma Durga – what I intuitively felt I needed 🙂  I’m chanting a simple adaptation of Jai Uttal’s version, though I also love Donna De Lory’s take!

The Reading

Still, the thoughts about what would be useful counterpoints to the Devil energy of May stuck with me.  I decided to do a reading, using the Sasuraibito Tarot (Stasia Burrington, 2017) which I bought through Little Red Tarot’s shop:

What will help me maintain healthy boundaries? – Five of Swords

This is an unusual depiction: five mini-swords as ring claws.  These look pretty aggressive, but then again, there’s the saying that the best defence is a good offence…

And yet, what comes up for me here is the notion of putting thoughts (swords) into action (hand).  For example, I know that I do better with my eating when I keep myself occupied.  Not normally a problem during the day, and I’ve been getting back into sewing in the evening.  It’s also a good way to feel creative, and one thing someone reminded me of recently stuck with me.

When you want to remove a bad habit, it’s useful to replace it with something you also enjoy, to have some positive motivation.  Just thinking about what I can do, or how I will feel, when I’ve lost some weight isn’t good enough.  I need something that brings me joy in the moment when I could be eating chocolate or biscuits.  And doing something creative, where I can see the results and feel a sense of achievement, fits those criteria.

In a more traditional light, there may also be something here about defending my boundaries, and my me-time.  I know that I eat more when I’m stressed.  And when I let the kids boss me about and run me ragged, I definitely get stressed.  So, some of the defence/offence interpretation seems relevant, too.

What will help me break through the obstacles I face in overcoming my addictions? – Four of Swords

What a strange landscape this figure sits in.  Around him are four little pink hills, almost fleshy looking, impaled by the swords.  Before him is  small black hole, and beyond is a starry night sky.  Does his meditation help his mind (swords) control his body (the hills), by connecting with his unconscious (black hole) and spirit (stars)?

Definitely more meditation for me!  I use self-hypnosis as part of my meditation practice, and I can use that to reinforce my boundaries, and to remind myself to do creative things as a treat instead of turning to food.

What will help me cut out addictions? – Five of Cups

I love the rainbow in this version of the Five of Cups.  Interesting, too, that she stands half-immersed in a lake or sea.

Sometimes, I worry I’ll never get a permanent handle on my eating.  Feeling sad about all the times I’ve fallen off the wagon is probably not a good approach.  Rather, I need to remember what I’ve learned from those experiences, and look to the future.  After all, the rainbow only comes after the rain.


I really like the fact that, after I laid out the Devil at the top, and the two Goddess cards and the God card beneath, the Fives fell into place on either side.  It all feels very balanced.  And there’s something about the feminine energy being more unsettled: the Goddesses both have a female in a five.  It highlights how important emotions are in this question.

Ganesha’s card is dynamic, balanced with the peace of the Four of Swords, both of them male.  Ratinality to the fore, here.  That also supports my reading of this being an active kind of meditation – self-hypnosis rather than mindfulness 🙂  I can use self-hypnosis to explore resources from the past, too, and to clarify which emotional baggage is bothering me right now, without it getting on top of me.

I’m glad I didn’t just stop at Durga, even if I went with her chant.  The focuses suggested by this reading feel really supportive.

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2 Responses to “What the Devil Am I Going to Chant?”

  • It seems you have called a more than capable circle of energies around you. Please remember you’rre only human and perfection is alwasy out of reach. Be gentle with yourself
    Love the chant by Donna De Lory. Thanks!!

    • Haha, I’m definitely not trying for perfection, Ellen! Still, you’re right, I’ve called a wonderful circle of energies around me 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the Donna De Lory chant. I have that whole album, and love it 😀


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