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Divination Mash-Up

NauthizMountain8CSlipping along learning curves this week, as I try to get everything ready for the webinar tomorrow on Tarot Magic.  So, I didn’t have time to spend on the Dance of Life Tarot overview, and will post that next week.

Having filmed a video titled Divination 3x3x3 looking at my top three Tarots, oracles, Lenormand’s and other forms of divination, I decided to keep my runes out.  A quick draw yesterday seemed very appropriate: Nauthiz.  This is a rune of constraint, of difficulties that help you grow, even if they’re not much fun at the time.  Reminded me of the Mountain from the Lenormand system!

The constraint I feel most just now is time.  So much I want to do, yet the deadline looms close, coming fast.  And knowing that worry often stops me sleeping before something out of the ordinary, I decided to listen to the tarot bridge spell meditation I recorded to go along with the webinar.  My focus was on sleep and what will help me let go of all those whirring thoughts.

What came to mind is the Eight of Cups: letting go emotionally.  And during the meditation I realised that neatly stacking what cups I can is one way to more easily let go: being very organised and prioritising tightly.  Another part, though, is accepting there will always be gaps in that preparation, no matter how hard I try.  Especially as I’m very capable of coming up with more and more things that would be really nice, if/when I have the time.  On the upside, at least I’m not stuck for ideas 😀

Constraints or no, I’m really excited about tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

8 Responses to “Divination Mash-Up”

  • What a great idea to use your runes this way. I love it how you’ve chosen a card from both systems to illustrate your feelings and intent about the matter, An image tells us more then a thousand words. I hope you will get everything done in time and will find the inner calm to also really enjoy giving this webinar. I am sure you will be great!

    • Thanks, Ellen. I’m remembering why I enjoyed my runes, but also why I put them away. Not sure where I’ll go with them.
      As for the webinar, it was a learning experience, that’s for sure. I ended up hoarse after the hour was up, a first for me when teaching. I need to do things differently, next time, but there will be a next time 😀

  • I love this combination of the cards and runes here. Also, I hope that everything goes well for the webinar!!

    • Thanks, Steve! Overall, I’m fairly pleased with how it went, though once again I see the learning curve… 🙂

  • Moonstone

    Oh yes, excellently put. I love to use an oracle such as runes or oracle cards as another level in my tarot readings. They are so different but so complimentary.
    Best of luck but I’m sure you have it all covered.


    • Yes, it is great to get a different perspective, and it always seems to open something new up in the tarot cards, too.
      Thanks for the well-wishes, Helen 🙂

  • Rose

    I’m rather taken with the irony of your not being able to give an overview of ‘The Dance of Life Tarot’. Clearly life is engaging you as its dance partner this week 😉

    All the best, Chloe, as you two-step your way through tomorrow clothed in what I’m sure will be the most beautiful of intentions and partnered with the astonishment of life itself.

    • Ha ha, Rose, yes, I hadn’t twigged to the irony of the name and situation 🙂 Thanks, it was a tricky dance in some ways, but very fulfilling, too!


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