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Drudgery or Dynamism?

This week, a friend wanted suggestions for a new deck.  Given her tastes and preferences, I thought of the Thelema Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2016).  I went home to get my copy so she could do some readings and have a look at all the cards.  Which meant the cards were to hand when I wanted to do a reading for the week 🙂

Situation: XVIII – The Moon

A woman rises up from the depths of the water, cloaked in black.  Over her hangs a heavy, full moon.  Its light seems bright, yet fails to fully illuminate the scene.  Instead, shadows seep in at the sides, and a mist seems to lie over the water.

I am finally coming up for air, it feels like.  The kids are a bit more settled, though we had some hairy moments last week.  My final exam is over, passed despite a distinct lack of revision.  However, I still have to write up my case study.  4,500 words and at least 90 references – Goddess, but I hate referencing!

And my weight is still out of control.  By now, it will take me at least two months to get back to where I should be, even if I started losing weight today.  Which doesn’t sound like that long, in the grand scheme of things, but feels like a marathon.  Two months of being perfect, with no slip-ups.  Right now, I haven’t managed a single really good day in at least the last two months 😮

Don’t: Eight of Pentacles

Look at her, sitting there embroidering yet another perfect Pentacle, to join the others on display.  She is focused and diligent, wearing a pure white head covering like a nun.  All her energy is harnessed into duty and doing the right thing.

As what not to do, this card reminds me that perfection is unattainable.  And in fact seeking it is almost always counterproductive.  As for working hard, though it may be necessary, there is a question of perception.  When we are in flow, the work we do doesn’t feel hard or boring, it feels stimulating and fun.  Part of that is the need to be stretched and challenged.  It’s best to do something that is hard enough to provide some interest, while still being within our reach so that it doesn’t overwhelm.

Do: Ace of Wands

Is this wooden baton gnarly and twisted, or wound about with something?  Either way, it seems almost as though it has distinct hand holds, different places where it can be grasped and held with ease and security.  At the top, a beautiful crystal glows with energy.  Its light is reflected in the water in front of it, outside of the cave in which it currently floats.

I need an influx of new energy, a new start, a new approach to things.  Rather than seeing the drudgery of compiling a reference list, can I find a new way of achieving the same goal?  Rather than seeing healthy eating as a chore, can I find something I’m passionate about that will help me connect with the benefits of it?  Can I find my motivation to write, and to eat in a way that nourishes rather than fattens?

One thing I know is that when I’m passionate and excited, I am less likely to turn to junk food.  Perhaps refinding my inspiration will almost naturally improve my weight situation.  I often feel that the more I think about losing weight, the less it happens.  It is when I’m so excited by life that I have no time to worry that the weight falls off without effort.

Last night, I dreamed about a project that I put on the back burner three months ago.   There were good reasons for that, and I’m not yet done with my case study, which is really important.  Still, if I start thinking about this project again, perhaps the passion will spread across to other areas of my life…

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4 Responses to “Drudgery or Dynamism?”

  • Now you have got me lusting over the Thelema Tarot! Such vibrant colors and what a beautiful Moon Card.!
    I was wondering if your needle work might spark your enthusiasm.?

    • The Thelema is a lovely deck. It ticks lots of boxes for me, very RWS, but with some nice variations, lovely colours, and quite a gentle feel to it 🙂
      As for sewing, it’s funny you should mention it, Ellen. Over the last ten days I have been acquiring everything I need to start on a quilting project – my first ever! However, I still have a tarot bag WIP, and I’ve been so tired in the evenings I couldn’t quite face something new. Perhaps today is the day… 😀

  • Coming up for air sounds so healing. Any opportunity to welcome a little spaciousness into the cramped, tight places in ourselves, usually places of judgement and self-criticism, is a good thing. Long deep breaths, my dear. They are a deceptively simply thing to do consistently but the effects are profound. Sending hugs.

    • I’m only now coming up for air, Rose: better late than never! And funny you should say about the deep breaths – I’ve started a more mindful pranayama practice, with regular “breathing breaks” throughout the day 😀


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