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Inner Whispers

Embrace Your Inner Woo-Woo

The Abundant SHEro Oracle (Rachel Kane, 2015) is such a lovely deck that I decided to use it for this week’s reading, after reviewing it last week.


Situation – Topaz – Generosity

The keyword here is a little deceptive, as the key phrase for the card is ‘Express yourself’. The companion booklet talks about communicating and making clear decisions.  Perhaps the suggestion is to be generous with what you share.

Certainly, I’m feeling a need to communicate more clearly.  I came to realise last week just how much confusion, and perhaps dislike, there is with how I’ve been expressing myself around what I do and how I feel I can best help others.  Let’s see what advice the cards have moving forward…

Desirable Outcome – Selenite – Activation

The additional key words here are Transformation, Clarity and Expand.  And this card also talks about spiritual growth and making decisions.  The other bit that jumped out at me were the sentence in the “Hidden Aspects” saying: “Have you found yourself dismissing your own ideas, and those of others, because they seem too ‘woo woo’?”  Now that hit home, given my newsletter last week was titled: Is Magic Too Woo For You?!

The advice here is to clear what has been blocking me, and to embrace my spiritual perspective and intuition.  So, that’s what’s desirable, now how to get there.

Energy Needed – Pyrite – Vitality

With an additional keyword of Creativity and the exhortation to “Embrace Your Gifts”, this is an enlivening card.  And with yellow a main colour, it may come as no surprise that this crystal has sacral chakra connections in what it advises – ‘believe in yourself and your own personal power’.  Though the chakra highlighted on the card is the crown chakra… Gaining vitality and creativity through a connection with the wider Universe!

A time to meditate in order to connect with the Universe, as well as tapping into my own intuition: certainly sounds like a good idea.

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4 Responses to “Embrace Your Inner Woo-Woo”

  • No matter what others say, if you feel it is right for you than go for it. You can’t please the whole world

    • It’s true I can’t please the whole world, Ellen. Still, I have to figure out how I can please myself and at least some of the world… 😀

  • I hope you didn’t think I was being disrespectful or denigrating when I suggested you try a class using therapeutic language. I simply was trying to suggest a way – not the only way – that you could expand your client base.

    • Not at all, Bev! I valued it as useful feedback 🙂 I am now considering how and where I might advertise to a non-tarot clientele. More in terms of therapy itself, rather than teaching… 🙂


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