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This is my favourite way to use Majors-only decks

Do you use Majors-only decks? If you’re anything like me, the answer is: not often!

I love the variety and multiplicity of a full 78 card deck. I feel like life is complex and detailed, and it’s often the small, everyday moments that are the most important. So, I don’t like missing those from a deck by just having the Majors.

With today’s deck, the Natural World Tarot by Izabella Bastidas (2016), I decided to make an exception. Two reasons for that.

Firstly, it’s stunningly gorgeous! And secondly, this deck is soon to become a full deck, so I thought you might like to see it to decide if you want to be part of making that happen 🙂

So, how to read with a Majors-only deck? My favourite way is to use it to look at the big themes of life, the big questions. I used this technique when I was working on a tarot phone line nearly a decade ago. Especially if someone came to me and said they wanted a general reading.

For this, I draw three cards to represent the themes for the person right now in three major areas of their life: health, wealth and love, as an example.

Health – XX – Judgement

Oh yes, I see my health in this card! I’m soaring up, gaining a new perspective, just like this bird (a swallow-tailed kite, according to the companion book). I’ve totally changed my emotions around sugar over the last three weeks, and lost nearly 3 kilos in the process (about six and a half pounds).

I also see the stars coming out of the birds heart space. Makes me think about sharing what brings you joy, and what lifts you up. And yes, I see sharing about magical wellness as part of my life’s purpose. So, that fits, too 🙂

Wealth – XXI – The World

There’s a backdrop of puffy cloud backlit by the sun in places, with some areas dark and others tinged with warm colour. At the centre, a delicate, flower-like globe seems to blossom.

For me, this speaks to the ever-changing nature of life. It’s ups and downs, and the perfection of what is.

I heard a really intersting approach to life today, based on vedic concepts. It says that there are three phases to all life: creation, maintenance and destruction.

So far, so obvious. The next part, though, was what caught my attention.

The concept is that there is a need for ever-expanding growth, like that flower blossoming from a small place and the centre and expanding out in a globe. It’s not that things won’t be maintained for a while, and then destroyed. Rather, it’s the concept that we should stay focused on creation.

It’s a bit like the phrase ‘nature abhors a vacuum’. If we don’t keep creating, if we try to just maintain the status quo rather than accepting that everything is continually changing, then the buzzards start flying over what we are trying to cling to, and it will be destroyed. If we are already focused on creating something else, or on continuing the creation of something, then we are supported by the Universe. But if we try to hold onto something, to keep it static, then it won’t work.

In the same way, the World speaks of perfection and completion, but it also suggests the start of a new cycle. And we see that in this image where the flower expands out, and the cloud is ever-changing.

This week, then, I wonder how I can do something new in my approach to wealth, to business building. I have been thinking about trying to expand my offering in two different directions, but haven’t actually done anything about either of them. Best get on and do something! And to make it something that feels like it supports my life’s purpose, too 😉

Love – VI – The Lovers

Isn’t this a stunning image, too? Two horses heads emerge from a field of flowers to nuzzle together.

In terms of love, this makes me ask myself: how can I make choices this week that foster togetherness and intimacy? And what do I need to bring to my relationships: compassion, acceptance, excitement, spontaneity? Something to think about, and put into practice…

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4 Responses to “This is my favourite way to use Majors-only decks”

  • I don’t think it’s very likely that I would buy a major only deck. I’d rather take the majors from a deck I already own if I wanted to do a reading like this.
    The card of Love is very apt and lovely. I often see this card also as a reminder to love ourselves and to embrace each and every part of ourselves

    • Yes, that would work, too, Ellen. It’s just, I was gifted several Majors-only decks, so I had to find a way to use them 😀
      A good reminder that we can love ourselves 🙂

  • I’ve had some beautiful majors-only decks over the years, but I’ve given each of them away. I just didn’t use them enough to warrant keeping them. But I can see your perspective in using such a deck for spreads that involve big or important issues!

    • Ha, I hardly ever get rid of decks – a bit of a pack rat in that regard. I’m rather the same with books, at least everything but trashy novels. And I do find that I come back to things, enjoy them again down the line… 🙂


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