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Fey Tarot Overview

BF-FeyTarot-OverviewAs I mentioned on Monday, the Fey Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2003) is one of my ‘comfort’ decks.  I’ve used it in readings for myself and for clients, in meditations and in spells. The colours are beautiful, the images both playful and surprising.

The Lovers is a good example.  A brown, spiky, dense-looking male earth fey tenderly touches the head of an ephemeral, naked female air fey.  She floats upside down next to him, caressing his face with her hand.  The landscape around them echoes their elements: a wide blue sky with a sprinkling of white clouds over brown boulders.

This odd couple remind us that we sometimes choose with our hearts, even when others say our choices make no sense.  They also embody beautifully the concept of romantic love, with a real Romeo and Juliet feel to them 🙂

The Court cards are also rich in symbolism, mostly very appropriate.  The only one that continues to surprise me is the Knight of Pentacles, who zooms around on a flying disk.  Not only totally ungrounded for this earthy suit, but also rather more dynamic than most traditional versions.

However, for this post I drew the Knave (Page) of Swords.  Talk about two-faced!  This fey is actually split in two, his right half pale blue and his left half purple.  His arms cross over his body, the right held up, the left held down, seemingly levitating the sword in front of him, though his gaze is not directly on it.  So, messages here of being in two minds, playing with ideas, and perhaps not always communicating clearly, or even setting out to deceive or confuse!

BF-FeyTarot-Overview1The Aces are charming, too.  In the Ace of Pentacles we see a sweet red-haired fey painting a mandala design on her hand.  It’s not strictly a pentacle, as the inner star has six points.  She also sits cross-legged on the floor in cobbler pose, connecting her again with artisanal work, and also with the physical practice of yoga (which I certainly connect with this suit).  Altogether, it expresses well the idea of creative potential, of doing something crafty, and of physically bringing something into being.  And I have to laugh at the expression of the little creature peering over her shoulder 😀

In the Eight of Wands, traditional sticks in flight are replaced by a scantily clad green fey girl careening through the treetops.  The scantily clad aspect is one that some people object to.  However, to my mind the cartoony images make it more playful than salacious.  And this definitely gives the sense of things moving fast.  Of messages, too, with the bells on her clothes chiming with her passage through the trees.

Overall, there is less of a distinction between the different elements of the deck than in some traditional tarots.  Plenty of the cards show a single fey doing something or with objects, be it a Major, Court, Ace or Minor.  While some may miss the kind of signposting more traditional decks offer, the actual symbolism of the cards is rich, making them still easy and powerful to read.  A wonderful deck (though I’ll admit I’m biased)!

2 Responses to “Fey Tarot Overview”

  • It is indeed a lovely deck and it is always good to have such comfort decks in your collection 😀

  • The Fey Tarot is so different from what I would normally be drawn to, at least in theme and art. But I love this deck, every single card of it. It’s one I can’t imagine ever giving away, unless I were to replace it immediately. It feels inclusive and multicultural, even though it has a fey theme! 😀


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