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Fountain Tarot Reading

BF-Fountain-RdgThis week’s deck, the Fountain Tarot (2015) has generated a lot of interest.  A recent release funded through Kickstarter, it has beautiful artwork and a lot of attention has been put into the packaging.  More on all of that on Friday…

Now: Six of Cups

Most of the Minors are not necessarily obvious in their connection to traditional meanings, yet it is there if you look for it, and there in the companion book.

In the Six of Cups, we see two people sitting facing each other, with a cup held between them.  Below or beside them are another five cups, and we see them in the centre of a circle, with hazy stripes expanding out around them, as though we were looking at them in a crystal ball or scrying mirror.

This points to the dream-like quality of this card, the way it looks to the past with nostalgia.  There is a sweet innocence to it, which we may yearn for.  I also see an emotional connection, a looking deeply into relationship.  Yet, the past may not always be a place we feel happy revisiting.  It can be a time when we felt a lot of difficult emotions, and developed patterns we would rather release.

Don’t: Knight of Pentacles

I really like the colours in this card, the rich greens ranging from emerald, to aqua, to an almost black.  And the gold of the pentacle with a horse inscribed on it makes a lovely contrast point, as does the brilliance of the sun in the distance.  This Knight blends into his environment, yet also shows a degree of structure, and a focus on the material and practical.   He is a builder, working with his environment.  However, speedy is not a word anyone would associate with him.

Not a week for a slow-and-steady approach, then, nor for getting stuck in a rut.  While there may be plenty that needs doing, a plodding approach doesn’t look like the best way forward.

Do: King of Wands

Look how this King of Wands leaps toward what he wants!  He drives his wand down in a focused point, from which there is an explosion of energy.  He’s certainly not lacking enthusiasm or self-belief.  Unlike the Knights, though, his passion and sense of himself are based on experience and knowledge, not just bravado.  As such, he is sure of himself when communicating with others, able to help them apply their energy in an equally focused way.

A couple of things come up for me with this reading.  For one thing, it makes me think about the Magickal Weightloss Webinar I’m running this Wednesday.  Preparing for this has reminded me of my own past, and of patterns that I am still in the process of changing.  However, it’s not just about making plodding changes in my own body and approach to the physical.  Rather, with this webinar I hope to help others to also leave behind fixed patterns and hurts from the past that may have them stuck in a rut.  There are still a few places left, if you’re interested…

The second thing it reminds me of is my new spotlight on coaching.  In the coaching relationship, we may look to the past in order to see what is causing blocks in the present, or to find what worked before and can be applied to a new situation.  I love the relational part of coaching, focusing deeply with someone on their situation to bring about change.  Moving more into this field, I see the reading saying not to focus on merely the practical this week, the paperwork and other tasks I need to manage to get this set up on a professional footing.  Rather, I need to express why I’m so passionate about this, and connect with others at that level.  Paperwork will wait, passion comes first!

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11 Responses to “Fountain Tarot Reading”

  • Take the leap! 😀
    I really like the simple phrases in the booklet for each card; they offer a ready focus like finding a plant’s taproot. My only wish is that they had included information about the geometric influences in the images!

    • I wondered about the geometric bits, too. They add a Thoth-like feel to it, for me. It would be interesting to know more about them. Still, as you say, the booklet has nice litte interpretations and phrases – it’s definitely a keeper 😉

  • Passion is the fuel for every endeavor. I love how this reading is so fitting for more than one aspect of your life. I think it is rather brave to revisit a painful period of your life in order to try to help others, who are experiencing the same thing in the here and now
    I wish you a sparkling webinar with lots of fiery energy! 🙂

    • Thank you, Ellen! I often think that a reading can be applied in several different ways. At one tarot conference, one of the speakers did just that, re-interpreting the same reading for different people, even. It was very powerful!
      As for the webinar, it was a really good experience. I hope the people who attended got a lot out of it. And having it be interactive worked well – everyone had time to choose cards, express what they meant to them, plan a spell, and ask questions. 🙂

  • Beautiful cards! I have seen this deck here and there online and it hasn’t drawn me in as much as some others (like Prisma Visions, for instance) but I really like the light quality in the cards. I like the King here as representative of your ability to lead others based on your personal experience and expertise.

    • Thanks, Olivia. I hope I managed that balance of using my experience without making it a focus, as it’s about other people and where they’re at. As for the deck, I still prefer the Prisma Visions – a warmer feel to it, and such a clever concept, which appeals to my Gemini side 🙂

  • I saw someone using this deck at the TABI conference and I nearly fainted. Wow, do I like it.

  • This deck is on the horizon for me to use, sitting on my shelf awaiting ‘the right monent’. It’s a curious mix of masculine and feminine. I counted the male to female ratio on cards where gender could go either way and the numbers weighed heavily in favour of men. And yet the art work is ephemeral and delicate contributing to a decidedly feminine vibe. It’s a curious mix.

    • Interesting, Rose! I hadn’t done the math, but had a feel that it was quite a masculine deck. I think it’s also about the geometric patterns, that lend the deck a somewhat cold, spikey feel, rather than a warm and curvy one 🙂


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