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Full Moon Reading with the Tarot of Delphi

Full Moon ReadingFor tonight’s Full Moon, I have a little ritual planned to help me in working on a bad habit that has long plagued me: sitting in front of the TV snacking!  I also wanted to do a reading around the subject, connected to the ritual.  For this, I was inspired by a meditation I did on the Goddess.  So, the positions represent Brigid – Maiden, Cerridwen – Mother, and Hekate – Crone.   The tarot I’m using is the Tarot of Delphi (J.D. Hildegard Hinkel, 2014).  The Goddess cards are from the Goddess Oracle (U.S. Games, 2006)

Brigid – What inspiration do I need? – XIX – The Sun

It’s an odd card, this.  While her dress is a gorgeous, sunny orange, her pose is far from dynamic or joyful.  Still, the booklet highlights that she is able to enjoy the pleasures of the calm day, and that she radiates health and vitality.

What I see here is that I need to wake up to the positives of making this change.  Doing so will give me greater energy, a feeling of a new beginning full of hope, and better health.  I will also be able to feel better about myself – an ego boost.  Perhaps putting my ego on the line would be a good inspiration, too: making myself accountable in the way that Lisa Eddy has been doing by blogging about her 5:2 intermittent fasting

Cerridwen – How can I nurture it? – Five of Swords

Another unusual depiction here.  A woman holds aside a curtain, with a candle burning to illuminate the room behind her.  Reading the booklet, this is Clytemnestra, after she murders her husband Agamemnon – betrayal and conflict.  She remains unhappy, plagued by her own demons: a definite lose-lose situation.

I can nurture my inspiration by noticing when I’m getting into lose-lose situations, and getting myself out of them again.  Or recognising them as such and being kind to myself, accepting I’m not perfect.  For instance, if I snack after dinner I could see that as a failure, and think ‘Well, I’ve already failed so “in for a penny, in for a pound”‘ , which of course is a very self-defeating pattern.  Or else I could accept that I’m not perfect, forgive myself, and find something loving to do for myself, in which case I might not eat any more.  So much of this is about mindset!

And of course, issues around food are some of the toughest to deal with, because you can’t just go cold turkey – we still all need to eat.  My snacks are pretty healthy these days, so feeling like I’m betraying myself because I eat a date and some hazelnuts really is rather silly.  If I create strict guidelines that I will fail, I am setting myself up for self-recrimination, guilt, and backsliding.  On the other hand, if I don’t set myself any guidelines, I won’t achieve anything.  So, I need to find things that are workable for me.  And that may constantly change – that’s been my experience thus far.

A while back, knitting and crochet helped me snack less, but then I lost interest (or found they took too long and too much attention, respectively).  So, now I’m sewing, and that seems to be working well for the moment.  And that may change, and then I’ll have to find something else that works – it’s a constant process of awareness and inspiration, rather than something that is done once and for all.  In fact, this is one of the reasons why having a life coach can be so helpful: to keep you in awareness of what is happening, and figure out the best way forward from where you are right now, rather than some idealised notion of what you should do.

Hekate – What wisdom should I consider? – Nine of Swords

A soldier stands at an entry way, looking nervous.  The booklet explains that this is a sentry at the gates to Pompeii as the volcano erupts and flaming debris crashes down into the city.  A nightmare scenario, indeed.

One thing I see here is that things will get better when I am less exhausted and on edge.  It’s true that being tired is a big factor in both my ‘hunger’ and my lack of control.  So, this refers back to the last card, around not putting myself in lose-lose situations.  I am a very healthy weight, and I am not eating anything that is seriously bad for me.  Perhaps I can be kind to myself, therefore, and accept the odd failure along the way.

Also, when I am in a situation that is less stressful, things may become easier by themselves.  I am working on getting my Little One to sleep better/longer, so I can do the same.  I am also exploring ways to get myself to bed earlier, so I sleep for more of the time he sleeps.

Equally, I’m considering starting on the 5:2 diet, but won’t do so until things are a little more settled at home – I get grumpy enough with the kids because I’m tired, without adding hunger into the mix.  Working on sleep and stress, and on developing good habits around bedtime, meditation and alternative pursuits are all good avenues to take.  Sometimes, working around the outskirts of the “problem” can be more effective than going at it head-on!

This week’s journal prompts over on the TABI blog are based on a different set of cards from the Tarot of Delphi, as this felt like too personal a reading for that.  I still found them helpful (and connected) as they talk about indulgence and compromise: check them out here.

10 Responses to “Full Moon Reading with the Tarot of Delphi”

  • Kati

    Don’t take up too many things at once, Chloe! Getting the kids to sleep in time/better/longer is a hard enough task, let yourself breath too! 🙂 the rite sounds great, today is a ten million times day according to Buddhist tradition – which means whatever you do today has an effect 10million times stronger than on a normal day. Perfect for rituals, I’m planning something too! 🙂

    • Ha ha, yes, I know you feel my pain when it comes to kids/bedtime/sleep, Kati! 🙂 I didn’t know that today was a 10 million times day according to Buddhist tradition – is that because of the moon. Well, I shall definitely go ahead with my ritual later. The official full moon is at 18:20 UK time, I think, so I shall do something (brief) after the kids are in bed 😀

  • Margo

    I also set myself pretty rigid guidelines but am getting better at self-forgiveness when I slip. You’re quite hard on yourself, Chloe. I love the Buddhist 10 million times day. I’ve already had a dynamic morning…what’s next? 🙂 Full Moon blessings, lovely x

    • Glad to hear you’re getting better at self-forgiveness, Margo. And great that you had such a dynamic morning, me too 😀

  • “In for a penny, in for a pound” does indeed seem to be the downfall of many of my own attempts to be healthier about my lifestyle, so I am right there with you! We are often not very fair with ourselves. Guilt is not very helpful in the long-run. Aside from food, though, I tend to more concerned with outdoors time (biking, walking, jogging, etc). If I consider your reading in the context of my own life, both the Sun and the image on the 5 of Swords seem to be telling me that I really do need to get out more! 😀 Sleep is so critical too, and undervalued at times, I think. Sleeping rhythms and habits with kids can be a challenge, for sure!

    • I like your reading of these around getting out more. Living in London, I try to walk everyday, but most of my exercise is of the indoor variety – grey skies and traffic fumes aren’t very conducive 😉 Good luck getting out more, and enjoying and celebrating even small successes!

  • That Sun card makes me think of a cat soaking up the rays of the sun. I’m sure if the weather over there is anything like it is here, catching some rays isn’t easy (more gray days than sunny).

    • That’s a nice way of seeing the card, Bev, I can follow what you say. And yes, the skies are often grey here – and it’s damp! 😀 Still, I fill my home with yellow, so it feels sunny on the inside, like me 😉

  • Letty Landheer


    Searching for the Tarot of Delphi. Can you help me?

    Thank you so much !!!

    Letty Landheer
    The Netherlands

    • Hi Letty,
      I’m afraid I can’t be much help. I believe it’s Out-of-Print. So, you could keep an eye out on Etsy etc for second hand copies…
      Good luck,


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