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How To Get Some Tarot Perspective

A New Take

A couple of Instagrammers are running an “experience” over on IG.  They’ve called it #tarotperspective.  The basic idea is to draw a card from one deck, and then pull out two other versions of it.  The three images offer a different perspective on the basic message of the card.

About a decade ago, I was involved in a forum that did pretty much the same thing – Comparative Tarot.  Each person would draw the card of the week from their own deck, and describe it for the others (way before everyone could easily post images).  That way, you only needed one deck, but you could get perspectives from dozens of decks!

For this week, I decided to join in with the #tarotperspective hashtag – it’s a welcome blast from the past.  I chose the Green Witch Tarot (Llewellyn, 2015) as my base deck, and picked two “orange” decks to frame it 😉  The Tarot de St Croix (self-published, 2013) and the Raven’s Prophecy Tarot (Llewellyn, 2015).  The card for this week is the Wheel of the Year/Fortune:


The Tarot de St Croix

The Tarot de St Croix image reminds me that there is a time to dive deep into emotion, and a time to be uplifted.  Trying to do something when your body, heart or mind is asking for something else rarely works out well.  Yet, there is at least the positive that these things come and go: if now isn’t the right time, maybe it soon will be.

I have been trying to decide what to do and when, looking for a change and a structure.  However, I ended up not doing much, at least on the blog.  And I haven’t written a newsletter in nearly two months…

The Green Witch Tarot

The Green Witch Tarot speaks more specifically to the seasons: a time to plant and a time to reap.  Some things are determined by external factors – you can’t plant when there is snow on the ground, and you can’t reap before the fruits are ripe.  In the same way, I need to follow external necessities.

I have an essay that has to be handed in by September 5th, so that’s my priority right now.

The Raven’s Prophecy Tarot

The Raven’s Prophecy Tarot also highlights the cycles of life.  With its acorns, it hints at longer cycles – over a lifetime rather than over weeks or months.  A reminder that, in the grand scheme of things, feeling in limbo for a couple of months isn’t all that long.

In our modern life, with Amazon deliveries on the same day, and instant access to information, it’s easy to think of a week as a long time.  When I think of my kids and how they’ve influenced my life, suddenly I think in terms of years.  And that’s also a reminder to enjoy the sunshine and the summer, with the boys off school.  Days spent running around in the garden, playing with puzzles, and dancing at festivals are all worthwile pursuits, too 🙂

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3 Responses to “How To Get Some Tarot Perspective”

  • Very allround interpretation of the Wheel of Fortune. Isn’t is wonderful how much our thoughts and feelings about a card broadens when comparing them with their counterparts form other decks. 🙂

  • Lovely post Chloe. What an all round interpretation of the Wheel of Fortune. I read about the Comparative Tarot method in Valerie Sim’s book and have been fascinated ever since. It’s great for adding depth to readings. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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