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Golden Universal Tarot Reading

BF-GoldenUniv-RdgThis week’s deck has been around for a couple of years, but I only gave into the temptation recently.  Basically, the Golden Universal Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2013) is Lo Scarabeo’s Universal Tarot (2002) with gold inlay added.  It was an irresistible notion for my magpie tendencies.  However, it is not one that scans well, as you can see in the comparison here between a scan and a photo.  Neither does justice to the lovely shininess 😉

Now: Four of Pentacles

A rather grumpy figure holds tight to his four golden coins.  He has a lovely landscape around him, but his only focus is clinging to what he has.  Still, it only takes one bad summer for crops to go awry, and sometimes we do need to gather our resources and guard them carefully – putting something by for a rainy day.

Don’t: Nine of Cups

Oh my, what a smug, fat figure.  He’s very happy with all his golden cups, and with his life in general.  It’s interesting to see last week’s “Now” card in the position “Don’t” this week.  Still, I read them quite differently…  Though both definitely have a feeling of overindulgence to them!

BF-GoldenUniv-Rdg1Do: Four of Wands

Two people prepare flowers for a celebration, enjoying the fresh air and the anticipation of the event to come.  It’s a time for enjoyment, and for socialising.   The Four of Wands can also represent laying foundations for something – the start of a relationship or project – such as a wedding laying the foundation for a marriage.

The message I get here is to be cautious with my resources this week.  Especially with my time, as I’m on a training course again for two days, so everything else will get crushed into what remains of the week.  What I mustn’t do is get complacent, or overly emotional, and beware of overindulgence.  It’s true that I sometimes go that way when I feel particularly stressed…  Meanwhile, it’s good to celebrate achievements and events, such as this being the final part of my training!  And I shall make the most of these foundations I’m laying for my future work – I love deepening my learning 🙂

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One Response to “Golden Universal Tarot Reading”

  • I hope you can manage you time and energy well. For a working mother of two boys there are never enough hours in a day 🙂
    Maybe if you treat yourself a little bit the danger of overindulgence would be minimal.:)
    Take care!


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