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Green Witch Tarot Reading

BFGreenwitchTarot-GROWSpreadFollowing on from last week’s Disney Model Spread, this week I decided to try another life coaching tool as a tarot spread 🙂  This one is based on one version of the GROW Model (the coaching world does like a good acronym!)  In this version, G is for goal, R is the resources you have to reach your goal, O are the obstacles you face, and W is the way forward, the first step to take.  The cards are drawn from the Green Witch Tarot (Llewellyn, 2015).

Goal – Ten of Athames (Swords)

A witch sits in a circle of athames, preparing a potion with mandrake root, known for its properties of healing and banishing negativity.  While not perhaps as obvious as traditional cards in its symbolism of endings, when something is finishing it is good seek acceptance through ritual, and to banish negativity and encourage healing.  So, I can get behind this version 🙂

Given the UK Tarot Conference is at the end of this week, and I’m giving a talk there, I thought something might come about that.  When I saw this card, I was also reminded that I had set myself a goal to complete my Learn Lenormand training by the time the Conference came round.  However, since I decided a couple of weeks ago to delete everything I’d already done and start from scratch, that isn’t going to happen 🙁  I am still working on it, though, and posted one video to YouTube on using intuition in Lenormand readings, if you’re interested.

The second thing to strike me is that this week I’ll be finishing with a coaching client I have been working with for three months now.  That’s quite a big ending, a good thing to aim for, but also with its challenges.

BF-GreenwitchTarot-GROWRdgResources – Page of Athames (Swords)

Our little Page is practising drawing down the moon, having read about it in a book.  A symbol of curiosity, intellectual exploration and bookish study, I like this card a lot.

Obviously, I have finished seeing clients before, working as a counsellor and psychotherapist.  However, this card reminds me that there may be some useful advice in some of my new coaching books.  Also, that ending with one client opens up space for someone new, a new experience and person to be curious about…

Obstacles – The Wild Hunt (The Tower)

The Wild Hunt fly over a castle tower.  Energy pours forth, channeled into the tower top.  It comes streaming out through the window as stones start dropping off, shaken out of their place by this powerful force.  A destructive external event or situation can really shake things up, but it’s good to be adaptable enough to cope with changes, rather than stuck in our ways.

Okay, so maybe I am a little stuck in my ways.  Although I know it’s good to end with a client, to watch them put into effect all we’ve worked on by themselves, autonomous and empowered, I still feel sad.  We’ve had a regular routine for fourteen sessions, and suddenly it comes to an end.  I won’t get to see how things are going for them, I’ll just have to hope that they can integrate all we’ve done, and move forward joyfully.  I can’t hold on, and I have to find a way to be flexible and accept this.

Way Forward – Four of Pentacles

A rich-looking man inside a nice house gathers together the pentacles he had hanging on his walls.  He looks over to another person looking in from the outside.  At first glance, this seems to be more about clinging to what you have.  Yet, the man on the inside is taking the pentacles down, presumably to do something different with them.  Perhaps he plans to open the door and give them to the person outside…

Yes, being open and sharing sound like a good first step – letting my client know that I will honestly miss them, and also that I wish them well!  And perhaps I can give them something in this last session for them to take with them…

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6 Responses to “Green Witch Tarot Reading”

  • It’s moving to hear how much you care for your clients, Chloe. And I like your interpretation of the Page. It’s good to see this deck highlighted here being so new on the market. I shall look forward to your review of it. An outbreath of equanimity to you as you release your client into the living stream.

    • “An outbreath of equanimity” – thank you, Rose! 🙂 As for the deck, I like it a lot, with a few provisos… more on Friday 😉

  • This is a slightly wishful thinking approach for the four of pents, which I am totally oke with by the way 😀 So if I may continue in this way you could also see it as a collection of medals for each client who has finished his sessions with you. and the last one is just turning his head and nodding goodbye

    • Ha ha, yes, I guess it is, Ellen. Just, clinging to material resources doesn’t make any sense in this reading, so I went with a more intuitive reading of the image. Love your idea of medals – I have been thinking about what I could give the client… 🙂

  • Alicia

    The first tarot deck I learned with was the rather progressive Motherpeace, so I have always had a less negative view of the 4 of Pentacles. In that system this card was described as ‘Defining your boundaries; deciding who stays out & who comes in’. So I still think about this 4 more in terms of acknowledging that I must conserve resources or make firm decisions about what to share, e.g. Which charities I will donate to.

    • Interesting, Ana. I would associate charity with the Six of Pentacles, generally, but I like that “defining your boundaries” concept!


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