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What does this GT say about work?

Rana George is a well-known name in Lenormand circles. She has done a lot of podcasts on learning Lenormand, along with Donnaleigh DelaRose, and published her The Essential Lenormand in 2014.

Now, she has created a gorgeous deck, the Rana George Lenormand. There is gold inlay on all the cards, front and back. This adds to the sumptuous feel of these cards, which have delightful architectural borders and rich colours.

The deck has six extra cards: an extra man and woman, as well as Spirit, Incense Burner, Market and Bed. I decided to leave all the cards in and throw an expanded Grand Tableau: 8 x 5 + 2.

Β Market

Wanting to look at work, my first port of call is Rana’s Market card. She put this in as a clear ‘work’ card, given the discrepancy between some readers looking to the Anchor and others to the Moon. For myself, I plan to look at all three, with different emphases.

I choose to read this as being about marketing, something I struggle with. And that certainly shows up in the cards around it: Key, Crossroads, Scythe, Lady, Coffin, Stork, Rider, Mice.

Reading it as a nine square, the theme is of a loss of inspiration leading to progress being cut short. Oh yes!

As for the action to take, intuitive choices help me communicate outside of the box. I watched a video last week that spoke of asking empowering questions and then actually stopping to listen for answers. Sounds like a great idea.

The Anchor

The Anchor, about traditional work responsibilities, is in the top line, so no full nine square. Around it are the Scythe, the Dog, the Coffin, Stars and Incense Burner. I get a message of needing to cut my losses and and do a spiritual cleansing in order to re-find where my loyalties lie. More questions and meditation, then, about what I need to release and how to open myself to new ideas πŸ˜‰

The Moon

Around the Moon lie the Mice, the Man and Woman, the Birds, the Clover, the Whips, the Book and the Ship. I see the Moon as being about the outward-facing side of work, about how others see us in our work role. Without the Market card, you could see this as marketing. It can also be about legacy work, or fame: it’s also the emotional side of work.

Once again, there is a theme of a loss of forward momentum, and a need for some ritual to access my intuition.

In terms of action to take: communicating rationally will bring some happiness and improve my luck around this project. I see the need here to communicate more about my plans, and find the synchronicities that will bring me in touch with the people who I need to connect with to make this a success.

That brings to mind two different things going on right now. Firstly, I was recently approached by a company that can put me in contact with potential clients. Best check that my profile and info is written in a way that is logical and appealing. Secondly, a need to network in a more organised way: there’ll be an opportunity for that in a couple of weeks that I should make the most of.

The Fox

I don’t normally see the Fox card in a work context, but Rana George does. Added to that, this morning as I was writing this post two foxes came and played in our garden for a couple of minutes.Β  That’s something I’ve never seen before in three and a half years living here! So, synchronicities should be listened to, right?

Around the Fox we have the Child, the Heart, the Fish, the Birds and the Whips. Commit to being playful in order to grow your passion, spread word of what you’re doing, and make sure your communication isn’t haranguing, while still talking about it over and over.

More networking, then, and being playful about my communications. And talk, talk, talk!

Fateful Finale

Just as the last four cards in a traditional Grand Tableau can be read as advice from the Universe, I shall read the final pair at the bottom of the throw. The Bear and the Letter together advise me to write about diet.

That’s something I already had planned, I’ll admit. I had an epiphany over the summer, and completely changed my eating habits, as well as how I track food. I’ve also lost a kilo a week since the changes. So, plenty to talk about, especially as I’d love to help others achieve their ideal, healthy weight, too!

To read journal prompts based on this GT, click here.


4 Responses to “What does this GT say about work?”

  • Alicia

    I really enjoyed Rana’s book, but I don’t know if I would enjoy deck as much. I am not a fan of the huge playing card inserts intruding on the otherwise very evocative scenes. On the other hand, I love the idea of the additional cards to clearly assign work & spiritual themes.

    I too use the Anchor for work questions, but quite often I see the Fox pop up in this context, usually when the work is freelance or ‘needs must’ in nature.

    As a side note, I really love your own Lennies deck, but keep hoping there will be an app version of it. =o) I find I am using my actual decks less & less, especially for the GT spread, as I simply do not have the space for it, and I love the journal features of the app versions that allow me to add notes and review the whole spread months later.

    • I know what you mean about the playing card inserts, Alicia. Still, these ones are particularly nicely done. The Court cards all look like characters out of 1,001 Arabian Nights πŸ˜‰

      And yes, I can see the Fox as an independent contractor, sniffing out the best deal, and sometimes skirting the edges of ‘establishment’ ways of doing things πŸ˜€

      I would love if there was an app of the Celtic Lenormand, too. Unfortunately, although Fool’s Dog approached me to do one, US Games holds the digital rights, and haven’t followed up on it… :/

  • So many Lenormands but like you, I found this one very appealing and your words here convinced me to order it.

    I sometimes find the playing card images a bit annoying when looking at larger Lenormand pictures, but these are so nice with very different indices that I like them. Apart from your Celtic Lenormand this will be my only other deck with extra cards. So far I have not explored this–must try something with the extras. I find it appealing to have extras–be interesting to compare Rana’s extra cards with your extra cards in the Celtic.

    Loss of inspiration–I’ve felt that too recently but I find cards beneficial to gearing me up again.

    • Oh, I do like extra cards! A bit like you say with very different variations of cards (like in the Ostara), extra cards can open up new vistas and approaches πŸ˜€

      As for loss of inspiration, I have really opened things up since I first drew these cards. Over the last couple of days I’ve written information for a completely new website. And someone contacted me about a project that has been on hold, so I’m feeling re-inspired there, too πŸ˜€ Sometimes it’s the cards that trigger these energy shifts, and sometimes it’s other things in the real world πŸ˜€


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