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Happy Tarot Reading

BF-HappyTarot-RdgBeing a sucker for cute decks, I was tempted in by Lo Scarabeo’s Happy Tarot (2015).  As I mentioned in last week’s First and Last tag video, I’m not sure how keen I am on its candy-cane-land setting, as I’m trying to go sugar-free.  Still, the images are visually sweet even without the ‘sweets’, and I guess it’ll appeal to the Candy Crush Saga set 😉

Now: The Fool

This little fellow seems to be leaping for joy, right off the cupcake cliff he stands upon.  He holds a white rose, and his little red kerchief on a stick with his few ‘necessities’.  Looks like his little dog can barely keep up, let alone stop him from leaping.

One of the things I like about this deck is the sunshine: many cards are filled with it.  How can you be sad when your life is so luminous?  A week to stay present, enjoy the moment, and perhaps be willing to take a few risks!

Don’t: Page of Cups

This red-haired cutie tripping along with her full ice cream bowl looks in danger of quite literally tripping over some of the sweets poking out of the ground in front of her.  I like the added symbolism of the cat wending along in her wake.  The Page of Cups can be a little self-centred, like a feline, yet can also be emotionally caring, taking in strays.  The landscape, too, is interesting: a spit of land with water either side.

Although it’s time for living life, best not get too self-absorbed or emotional about it.  Action is called for, not daydreaming.

Do: The Devil

A chubby devil with black bat wings, horns and centaur-like legs looks a bit worried.  Perhaps it’s because of how keen the female at his feet looks to make a move.  Or maybe his inverted pentagram is shining that brightly because his spidey sense is tingling 😉

Interestingly, the landscape is less candy-cane, though chocaholism and sugar addiction are things I’ve often seen in the Devil.  And it’s also worth noting that the little humans’/demons’ chains are not loose, as they are in so many versions of this card.  I almost get the sense that the Devil is struggling to control these demons or fallen souls.

In the context of the reading, my sense is that it’s a good time to acknowledge my weaknesses, the things that tempt me.  Perhaps giving in a little is good, it’s only extremes or getting overly emotionally attached to our predilections that is damaging.  So, if I see a deck I like, for instance, I could get it without lecturing myself about how many decks I already have 😀

Overall, these cards speak to me of embracing a bit of ‘naughtiness’ without sliding into soul-searching.  After a couple of very busy weeks, I think perhaps I deserve a little spontaneous fun!

Another angle on them is to make a new start, focusing on addiction, but without plunging into emotionality.  That fits with the Magickal Weightloss Webinar I’ve just launched, which will take place on 29th July at 7.30pm BST (1.30pm East Coast time, for the USA).  In it, each person will explore their blocks to weightloss, what are manageable goals for them, and they’ll create a spell to help focus and reinforce their intent.  Making a new start, while clearly acknowledging where our temptations lie 🙂  If you’d like to eat more healthily, why not come along?

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10 Responses to “Happy Tarot Reading”

  • I’m convinced they are all so happy because they’re tripping on all that sugar! 🙂 I’ve heard of (but never played) Candy Crush, but this deck does remind me of the children’s game Candy Land. It might be a good card deck for using with young children, but it gives me a stomach ache if I look at it for too long, 😀

    • Ha ha ha, that’d do it, Bev 😀 I’ve never played Candy Crush Saga, either, just seen it mentioned. Hmm, maybe the stomach ache angle would be a good one, put me off sugar… 😉

  • I like you interpretation of The Devil in this position.: “embracing a bit of ‘naughtiness’ I think we all could do with some of that. Maybe sometimes tarot readers who use the cards for self development tend to be too serious about their spiritual growth. A few days ago I’ve pulled Pan form the Tarot of the Sidhe and that made me think abut how wonderful it would be if we just could loosen up a bit after all that soul searching
    Enjoy your fun-time!

    • It’s true, we can take everything a bit too seriously. One funny yoga teacher I had DVD’s of used to say “Angels fly because they take themselves lightly” 😀 Yes, it’s nice that Emily Carding gives a quite different spin on the Devil!
      Hope you’re having a fun time, too 🙂

  • Haha! Yes, you should just get a new deck, if you find one you like! I’ve indulged in that way recently. I find I don’t buy decks very often these days, but I’ve purchased three in the past couple of months! It can be very refreshing to work with new decks. And rediscover old ones as well. I’ve pulled my Morgan Greer out lately and am thoroughly enjoying it 🙂

    • I definitely buy new decks less than I used to. Still, this week I did splurge – I have a new Lenormand arriving today! 😀

  • This deck is funny! It reminds me of Candy Land, yes, but also video games. It has a very Japanese, cheerful feel to it. But you can find info even in such sugary sweet decks, as you mentioned. Hehee. XOX, MM

    • Yes, I agree with you about the manga feel to it, MM! And yes, it has given me several very good readings this week. Of course, the reading is more to do with the reader than the cards, but a bad deck can certainly make it harder 😀

  • I’ve never found a cute deck that I like, and this one is particularly heinous. LOL The closest I’ve ever come to buying a cute deck is Hello Kitty. That one is seriously cute. This one…not so appealing as Hello Kitty. I like your reading, though. 🙂

    • I agree, I like the Hello Kitty better. But this deck is easy to get hold of, and not expensive. And as some folks have said, it’d probably be good for readings with kids… 🙂


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