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How To Decide?

We all face lots of choices in our lives. So, a good choices spread is never a bad thing 😀 I really like this version – two cards for each choice, representing pros and cons. And then one card for a ‘deciding factor’ – a suggestion from James Ricklef that I’ve always found really helpful.

I got an email last week ‘reminding’ me about a deadline at the start of August. However, I’d been certain it was in September – eek!

What to do? Fulfil their deadline, or ask for an extension? I drew from the After Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2016) to help me decide.

Fulfilling their deadline

Pros – Strength, Cons – Ten of Pentacles: If I do meet the deadline, I’ll feel like I’ve really achieved something. It will take harnessing my energy, rather than frittering it away on other things.

What those other things might be is suggested by the Ten of Pentacles: family. I see myself stealing from my family by channeling all my energy into this project, when summer holidays are starting next week and my older boy is still sick with chicken pox.

Asking for an extension

Pros – Two of Swords, Cons – Four of Cups: Asking for the extension will give me time to get my thoughts in order. It would let me figure out which are the strongest arguments, and communicate them most appropriately.

On the other hand, there’s a risk that I’ll just drag around and not get things done, without the impetus of a tough deadline.

Deciding factor – Ten of Wands

What I most need to ask myself is: how much do I have on my plate? Realistically, what can I set aside for later?

And the honest answer is that some things just can’t be delayed. Like school runs and cooking dinner for the family and getting my new computer up-and-running after the old one was trashed by my toddler. With the best will in the world, I don’t think I can manage the deadline, even though I feel embarassed and weak asking for an extension.

There’s also the part where I don’t want to manage the deadline. I’ve enjoyed taking a few afternoons off to go play with the kids in the sunshine. While I recognise in myself that I don’t want to be just a mummy, I also love spending some quality time with my boys. A really tight deadline would take away a lot of that, and I don’t want to give it up.

What energy will help me now? Brigid

I decided to draw an extra card from the Keepers of the Light Oracle (Hay House, 2016). I love the energy Brigid offers. For me, she is a creative force, and a spark of inspiration.

So as not to get trapped by the Four of Cups lethargy, I need to find ways to make this project feel more creative.

It’s interesting that Kyle Gray has added the description ‘Inner Strength’ to Brigid. He talks about moving back to wholeness and recognising my own power. I think the wholeness aspect is about that balance between family time and work time. And it’s interesting to have strength mentioned again. I can still honour my strength, even if I ask for an extension. It’s within my power to decide how I spend my time, even if it doesn’t suit other people.

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9 Responses to “How To Decide?”

  • I am one of those people who drag themselves out of bed (even when the body and mind is exhausted) to finish a promised task or fulfill an obligation. Not healthy behavior. I watched my daughter this morning drag herself off to work (feeling unwell) because ‘you don’t call out on Monday.’ Gee, wonder where she got her ideas from… More behavior that needs to change!

    • Ha ha, yes, phrases around apples and trees do come to mind 😉

      I’d probably work harder at it if it was something just for others, I do tend to put that first. However, this is more of a bureaucracy thing, partly for my own good, and partly just paper pushing. Plus I know that there are hardly any real consequences to not doing it…

      As you say, though, learning to say ‘enough is enough’ is also a valuable skill 🙂

  • This is a neat way of reading on two choice, thanks for sharing! I like how you included a card from the Keepers of the Light oracle and how well that advice flowed with the rest of the reading. Nice!

    • Glad you liked the spread, Lisa. And I agree, the Brigid card flowed brilliantly with the rest of the reading 😀

  • I think it shows great strength to admit you need more time. Love how the Bridgid card mentions wholeness. In my opinion finding wholeness and inner balance is one of the main purposes in our life.

    • I totally agree, Ellen. Finding our own sense of wholeness and inner balance is a lifetime’s work. It’s like the Tarot of the Sidhe Justice card – we balance between different poles, and have to make constant adjustments to stay even vaguely in the right place 😀

  • Love the spread and your resulting reading. I think I’ll put this to use now with my own question. Thanks. Have a good summer.

    • Glad you liked it, Cher. I’ve been using it a lot, even for down and dirty quickie readings 😉 Hope you found your answers helpful, and you have a great summer, too 😀


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