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Where Am I Really Powerless?

Carla of Rowan Tarot shared a great spread last week for exploring big changes.  However, my focus, inspired by repeated visits by the card of the same name from Bev‘s Elements of Recovery deck (2016), is Powerlessness.  So, I decided to tweak the spread in that direction.  As for my deck this week, it is the delightful Pagan Otherworlds Tarot (Uusi, 2016).

1) Where do I feel powerless? – Queen of Cups

Oh yes, I don’t feel I can keep a lid on my emotions or deal with them in an empowered, emotionally intelligent way!  I notice the piece of fruit in her other hand, a sweet temptation.  There’s been rather too much of that going on, which I’ve felt powerless to control.

And yet, this isn’t where I truly am powerless, just where I feel it.

2) Where am I really powerless? – Seven of Swords

An interesting image here, with these landscape-based pips.  A white flag shows prominently, held up by one of the swords.  Another two swords stand with their points in the ground in front and to the right of the flag.  The last four swords are seen in a somewhat higgeldy-piggeldy fashion floating behind the flag.  In the background are tents: an army encampment, perhaps.

This makes me think about how it’s just not possible to cheat in terms of weight management.  There comes a point where it really is as simple as eating small portions of healthy food and exercising appropriately.

I’ve been doing time-restricted fasting since before Christmas, and while it may have health benefits in terms of cancer, IBS and other things, it certainly hasn’t helped me lose weight.  One part of the problem is that, because my ‘mealtimes’ have been in such a different pattern, I have been eating less healthily: not necessarily having time or inclination to cook.

So, I’m powerless to change the basic realities of weight management.  Given that, what can I do?

3) My points of power – The Hierophant, The Seeker, the Two of Swords

The Hierophant

This seems clear enough.  Going back to tried and true methods will help me. Perhaps, too, listening to the wisdom of others.

For instance, the time-restricted fasting suggests starting to fast close to sunset.  So far, I’ve been completely ignoring that.  After all, it’s winter in the U.K. and sunset is currently around 4pm!  The places where this idea originated, and where it’s being studied in a scientific context, although on different sides of the world, both have far more even days and nights throughout the year.  And yet, I’ve been using this as an excuse to eat up until 9.30pm, rather than stopping at 6 or 7pm, as they suggest.  Once again, cheating just doesn’t work.

The Seeker

This extra card seems, to me, to be like a souped up, spiritual Fool.  The Seeker is breaking out of the confines of his or her everyday reality, discovering the patterns and cycles that underly reality.

It is only by opening my mind to different possibilities, things I have perhaps fought against because they do not fit my accepted understanding of the world, that I will find what I seek.  I must look ‘outside the box’….

Two of Swords

Two Swords float above a tranquil sea, joined by a white ribbon.  Above them is a crescent moon, framed by the swords.

As a strength, I see here the ability to stay with uncertainty, to hold different ideas or points of view at the same time.

Often, I notice how much I dislike uncertainty, which is pretty normal.  Still, the other day we were in a crunch situation and my hubby wanted to do anything to get out of the situation as soon as possible.  Meanwhile, I wanted to do something, too, but I was willing to do research, to gather information.  I accepted that I would have to bear the situation and its uncertainty while that was happening.

So, perhaps I’m better at living with different possibilities than I normally give myself credit for.  And maybe I can let a couple of ideas develop while I wait for my intuition to kick in and tell me which is the best one to follow.

A balance, then, between exploring received wisdom (the Hierophant), and new possibilities (the Seeker).  And being willing to experiment and not know which is the right way, or even just a good enough way for the time being.


There’s an element of acceptance here, a concept that came up in last week’s discussion of powerlessness.  Acceptance of my own prejudices and presuppositions, and acceptance that I cannot control everything. And, as a way forward, acceptance of the idea that maybe I can’t find ‘the answer’, not right now.  So, accepting the need to experiment, and to accept that not everything will work out first time.  It’s okay to fail, to have to start again.  The Seeker doesn’t reach The World without a setback or two, after all!

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6 Responses to “Where Am I Really Powerless?”

  • I can almost feel your words on a physical level, if that makes any sense. Strong emotions attached to my thoughts can twist my mind, making me lose all perspective and hope. I often don’t even realize it at first. The Seven of Swords makes me think of the ‘lone wolf’ approach, foregoing any outside support (whether a group or a person). Another twist of the mind, thinking “This is all on you.”. Perhaps the Hierophant, Seeker and Two of Swords suggest someone you could talk to in confidence? Someone you could listen to instead of trying to figure everything out on your own? There are things we are powerless over, but we don’t have to deal with them by ourselves. (((C)))

    • Well, I’ve been seeing a life coach or therapist for most of the last 16 years, so I do have that support! Though I don’t always talk about eating (thank goodness).

      Not sure what is pushing it so much to the forefront of my mind right now – and perhaps that’s a good question. Is it because other things are stressful and out of my control, so I focus on where I “should” have control, rather than where I can’t possibly?

      • I think when we are really stressed, it is easy to go back to familiar patterns, particularly those that have brought comfort in the past. It seems the emotion can override the intellect – we know it’s not a viable solution, but it feels like it is! Maybe instead of saying, “I have control,” you could say “I have a choice.” 🙂

        • I can’t remember when this ever really was a good response, so how come it’s so firmly embedded?! As for saying “I have a choice”, it sounds good in theory. In practice, I just end up with “I have a choice between chocolate biscuits or granola bars”. I think I need to make changes in the other areas where I’m feeling powerless, and then the food will fade into the background again… I hope 🙂

  • I agree with Bev. This is a lot to carry on your own. I suspect there are perhaps also underlying issues which makes it harder for you to manage your diet. It is not always easy to detect those deeper issues on your own.
    Holding you close

    • Hi Ellen,

      As I mentioned with Bev, your questions made me think about what is going on right now. We’re supposed to be moving out of our house into a rental in 10 days time, except that where we were moving to fell through. So, we’re desperately trying to find somewhere for us and the kids to live – stressful much?! I think that’s what has pushed me into this bad phase.

      Awareness should help, and I’m trying to put some more emotional and practical support in place for myself 🙂

      Thank you for you good questions, and your kind support.
      Hugs, Chloë


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