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I Am Woman, Hear Me Squeak

I wanted the Nusantara Tarot (2010) for quite a while, but it’s hard to find.  So, I was delighted to discover TABI had done a group order on it.  The images are fairly standard RWS, yet with an appealing angularity, Indonesian costumes and a look which is both colorful and yet aged.

On Wednesday, I’ll be posting as part of the Tarot Blog Hop, so I decided to keep my weekly reading short and simple.


Release – Strength

This is one of those cards that I love so much I hate to see it in the release position. I should let go of feeling strong and capable?!  And yet, I acknowledge that it may do me good to let go of the idea that I can do everything and control everything.

Instead of “I am woman, hear me roar”, right now perhaps I am more of a squeaking mouse.  There’s so much going on with the kids off school and preparing for Christmas.  And perhaps I don’t have to be the rock that everyone else leans on.

Embrace – Eight of Pentacles

The first thing I saw here is just plugging away at things.  I may not feel I can do everything, yet if I consistently do something, I may achieve more than I thought.

For example, I’ve been shopping online for presents and then wrapping them, both while watching a bit of TV in the evening.  That way, I get some simple stuff done while still feeling like I’m getting a bit of a break.

I hope you all are finding ways to cope with this often stressful time.  If you’d like some journal prompts for the week based on these cards, click here.




2 Responses to “I Am Woman, Hear Me Squeak”

  • I think we have parallel readings today in some ways. Perhaps what you need to release is your inner lion, and let it do some roaring (in a harmless way, like singing at the top of your lungs :D).

  • Maybe if you admit to yourself you don’t have to roar all the time you are more inclined to ask for help…?


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