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Impressionist Tarot Reading

BF-ImpressionistTarot-DisneyRdgThis week, I wanted to do something a little different in this reading with the Impressionist Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2015).  While I’ve still drawn three cards, this is the Disney Model Spread.  No, the positions aren’t “What Princess am I?” or “Are you the kind of person who cried watching Bambi?” 😀

Walt Disney wanted to create imaginative films, but they also needed to be makeable, and something that the market wanted to buy.  So, he instituted a brainstorming model for his creative team.  When they were in the “Dreamer” room, they were to tap into their most outrageous, creative, playful side, coming up with all kinds of ideas.  When they moved to the “Realist” room or stage, they had to put on a pragmatic hat: can this actually be done?  And in the “Critic” room, they had to pull ideas apart, coming up with reasons why something wouldn’t work, wasn’t practical, or just wouldn’t be marketable or profitable.

For the spread, my question for each card is “Where do I need this energy right now?”

  1. Where do I need Dreamer energy right now? – Ten of Pentacles

A slightly unusual take on this card, we see two people riding horses.  They ride under a bridge, with ten beautiful flowers growing up one side.  Unfortunately, this is one of those Lo Scarabeo decks for which their LWB’s have become notorious.  It doesn’t tell us what picture this is based on, nor how it relates to traditional images.  Connecting with normal Ten of Pentacles ideas, I see two brothers out enjoying the family wealth (horses aren’t cheap to ride), and one another’s company.

What I see here is the need to be more playful and creative in my family life.  Now that certainly touches on something I’ve been feeling and trying to deal with.  Looking after a couple of kids sometimes feels a bit monotonous to me – there’s only so much excitement I can work up around changing another poo-ey nappy, or making up more milk formula.  However, I realise that I need to be more playful, and that there are ways to do that.  For example, my Dear One and I have recently agreed to do a greater variety of activities with the kids, and that he will sometimes take the Little One so I can spend time with Big Boy.  Just changing which child I’m tending helps things feel more fun 🙂  And there’ll definitely be more of that this week, which is my Little One’s settling in week at nursery!

2. Where do I need more Realist energy right now? – Ten of Swords

A man lies in the shadow of a haystack, his hat over his face.  Around him lie ten scythes.  This card has a more lazy, restful feel to it than a traditional Ten of Swords.  It speaks to the completion of a task we have been thinking about, and the need to rest after hard work, rather than to a scary ending.  On the other hand, sleep is a losing of consciousness, like a little death in some ways…

Seems I need to be more realistic about what I can and can’t get done, about what I can expect to harvest, and how I rest and recover.  That rings true, too, as I have a tendency to take on too much.  And I often can’t sleep for thinking about all the things I want to be getting on with, even when I’m shattered.

3. Where do I need more Critic energy right now? – The High Priestess

A woman in a white dress sits on a soft-looking red seat between a dark and light vine.  She holds a crescent moon in her hands, giving us at least some of the traditional symbolism of this card.

Hmm, do I need to tap into my intuition to test the reasonableness of projects and plans?  Or is it that I need to be more critical of my intuition?  Actually, I think this is to do with a video I’m working on at the moment that breaks down how to use intuition in Lenormand readings – pulling apart exactly how it works and how to develop that unconscious competence which makes for smooth and easy readings.  Stay tuned, I hope to post it to Youtube later this week 😀

To see journal prompts based on these cards, click here.

8 Responses to “Impressionist Tarot Reading”

  • I like this spread it seems to address different areas of your life and it all depends on what card you draw.

    • Yes, I think quite a few coaching tools will make really good spreads – they look at interesting areas, and challenge me to think about my life proactively 🙂

  • Janine Elizabeth Parkinson

    Interesting! Since I was inspired by your previous mentions of the Impressionist Tarot, I ordered one, which arrived this morning! So it is quite interesting to see you doing a reading with it tonight! I shall enjoy getting to know this deck, which rings bells in my past, as a 6th Form project was the Impressionist Painters, and I remember working quite hard on it. So thanks for that…..I’m not ready to do a reading with it yet….still exploring the cards, which are a rather nice size and really nice card stock.

    • Hi Janine, ha ha, glad I tempted you in. I like Lo Scarabeo card stock as a general rule. And I think the concept of this deck is a very interesting one. I love the impressionists, even though I don’t know much about them. Wish it had a companion book, as I’d have gladly read more about the movement and the artists 🙂

  • Your Disney spread made me think of the movie “Saving Mr. Banks.” 🙂
    I can’t decide if I like this deck or not, so I’m happy to see you using it. Look forward to your review of it!

    • I haven’t seen that movie, will have to take a look 🙂 I’ve had some great readings with this deck so far. It’s not entirely traditional, but I rather like that 😀

  • This is a great spread, and I like these card images, as well. I find I don’t really like Lo Scarabeo decks for the most part – definitely not the decks with a lot of multi-lingual titles. I find that distracting. But this is nice, the art as the clear focus. I’m looking forward to hearing how you like using it as a whole when you do your review! And yes, it is really nice to incorporate creativity into regular family life. I try to do the same when things feel too monotonous. I think it’s good for the kids, too 🙂

    • I don’t know why, but the Lo Scarabeo multi-titles don’t really bother me. I just see past them/ignore them – they become background. Still, I recognise that for people who have a greater sense of aesthetics it may not be as easy to ignore them 🙂 As for this deck, I really enjoy it!
      And glad you liked the spread, too. I am building a database of life coaching tools to use as tarot spreads, as part of my magical life coaching practice. And I really like how this one worked!
      Yes, I’m sure it’s great for the kids, too. I sometimes find it hard – I do so much stuff in a routine way, which is good for organisation, but not for fun…


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