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Infinity Tarot Reading

BF-InfinityTarot-Rdg1This week’s deck, the Infinity Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2015) has gorgeous artwork and an interesting concept: the cards are shaped like the infinity sign, the lemniscus.  However, form over function, they have a few issues, which I’ll discuss on Friday.

Now: Three of Swords

An unusual take on this card, three elemental beasts thrust swords into the centre of the card creating, or into, a ball of energy.  At the bottom is a snow beast, made of ice.  At the top, and white, wind dragon and a black storm dragon.

It makes me think of the pain caused by black-and-white thinking, and cold “rationality” without any human warmth.

Don’t: Two of Cups

Floating amongst the clouds, these lovers kiss, even as they seem pulled in different directions.  Their cups spill over, flowing into strange trails of red, yellow and white that arc across the sky.

There is a magic to what people can achieve when they come together in harmony.  However, no time for that this week, there is only so much energy and sometimes it must be expended elsewhere than in a romantic relationship.

Do: Six of Pentacles

An even more unusual Six of Pentacles, almost more reminiscent of traditional Two of Cups cards.  A man and woman hold hands and gaze into one another’s eyes.  They are reflected in the waters they stand beside (or on), as are the three pentacles that float above their heads.  Above her there is a coin with a man’s head, above him a coin with a woman’s head, and between them both a sun-decorated coin.

There is little that speaks of generosity or charity here.  Yet, he is dressed in fine clothes, while her skirt is patched.  So, perhaps their very relationship is one where a sharing will take place – in the dowry for her poor family, for instance.  Such acts of balance are reflected in who we love, as well as what we do.

There is a certain heartache ahead for me, in a minor way, and certainly very little of the Two of Cups, as my Dear One is away for three days visiting a friend.  So, I must be generous with my time, sharing it fairly between my two boys.  And I will also count on the generosity of others, who will help me with them!

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4 Responses to “Infinity Tarot Reading”

  • Ahhh hearthache 🙁
    But in three days these cards will be swapped. The “others” will be thanked for helping you with the boys and Dear One will be in you arms again!
    My husband used to be a sailor for some time and Oh the joy, when he returned home 😀

    • Having your husband away for long stretches of time must have been quite a challenge! I worry even when it’s three days 🙂 Though in the end he was only gone a day – his friend had made a mistake with the dates, so he ended up coming back. Heartache for him, and lots of questioning – did I read the text wrong, did my friend make a mistake translating the dates? So, for him there was no meeting with a like-minded individual (2Cups) 😀 And for me the Three of Swords was my thoughts about the separation, rather than actually being apart…

  • There’s “thinking outside the box” and then there’s “should have been left in the box.” I think this deck falls in the last category for me! 🙂

    • Yeah, I think that’s my overall take on it. It’s a shame, because I really like the artwork. But the shape is a hindrance: it doesn’t shuffle at all well, and having bits randomly cut out of the images is really annoying :/


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