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Inner Child Cards Reading

BF-InnerChild-Rdg1This week’s deck, the Inner Child Cards (Bear & Co, 1992, 2002) is almost the opposite of last week’s.  For one thing the cards are huge (), for another they are brightly coloured and very nature-based.  And despite being mass-market published, the card stock is extremely flimsy.  I find them difficult to shuffle, and have ended up with creased cards a couple of times 🙁

Now: Four of Crystals (Pentacles)

Four gnomes are working hard to build what looks like a treehouse.  They work together well, creating something both practical and beautiful.  This is rather different from traditional interpretations of misers and clinging to the material, it has more of a Three of Pentacles feel to it.  The gnomes are using their resources to build something, rather than just hoarding them.

BF-InnerChild-Rdg2Don’t: Guide (Queen) of Wands

Here we have the Pied Piper, playing a merry tune and leading fairies in a lively dance along a country path.  The companion book talks of listening to our inner muse, rather than an external authority.  It seems a rather “fairies and unicorns” interpretation to put on this story, yet I find it intriguing.  Almost like a Gestalt approach asking: if all the characters are aspects of ourselves, what do they represent?  The town officials who cheat the Pied Piper are greedy and focus only on the material.  The rats are our own bad habits, that require cleansing.  And the children represent our potential.  So, the Pied Piper guides our potential away from a situation where there is too much materialism to allow it to grow creatively and freely.

Do: Eight of Hearts (Cups)

A mermaid and merman swim together, making beautiful music, which floats up from their flutes like winged messages.  Beyond them, the sun dips into the sea (or maybe it’s the moon, which would fit better with traditional interpretations).  I sometimes see the Eight of Cups as being moving towards a higher calling, a Minor version of the Judgement card.  And this does have a feel of that, with the flutes blowing and creating a harmonious message.  However, the card could also be interpreted many other ways: experiencing a harmonious relationship, or feeling emotion that stirs you to creativity.

For myself, what I see this week is the idea of needing to work in harmony with others, using the resources to hand.  The Pied Piper seems to warn against following my own muse without heeding what is going on around me.  And the Eight of Hearts reminds me to check in with my heart, and listen to the messages around me.  I do see the difference between the last two.  One is about following creative inspiration without thinking it through, while the other is about listening to the messages of the universe, and checking in with my heart, rather than rushing into something.  Let’s see if I can take the advice to heart this week…

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4 Responses to “Inner Child Cards Reading”

  • I’ve been eyeing this one for some time but now I am glad I didn’t buy it (flimsiness)

    • Yes, it’s pretty, and the book is very interesting, but the cardstock is a big downside for me!

  • It is such a shame when a deck has poor stock. The first Lo Scarabeo deck I ever purchased was so flimsy that I just never ended up using it. Fortunately not all of their decks are that way! I like the color scheme in these cards, though I do find that I’m annoyed when I have to “work” to find a traditional meaning in a card. In the end it tends to feel more “oracley” than Tarot. I actually do like the border illustrations here – especially the acorns and oak leaves 🙂

    • Interesting, I’ve never had a Lo Scarabeo deck that I found too flimsy! And yes, I know what you mean about havign to work to find traditional meanings. Though I don’t mind if it’s totally out there and different. What bugs me more is when some of the cards seem traditional, while others don’t. Or worse yet, that some seem traditional but with the wrong number attached!
      As you say, the colours are lovely, and the borders are sweet, but I’m not won over 🙂


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