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What Journey Do These Faerytales Show?

Faerytale Oracle ReadingI’ve drawn a card from this deck before, but just the one (on the blog).  So, I decided it was time to showcase it more.  This is the Faerytale Oracle (Blue Angel, 2016), with artwork by Jasmine Beckett-Griffith and companion book by Lucy Cavendish.  While I appreciate Lucy Cavendish’s work, I’m not keen on the fact that this book seems aimed directly at teens.

Anyway, I decided to use one of the spreads from the book: the Fairy Cross.  It’s basically an elemental spread, North for body, East for mind/thoughts, South for intent/motivation, West for emotions, and the spiritual heart of the matter.  My altar/reading space faces south, so that’s the top of the picture 🙂

Spirit – Little Red Riding Hood: Rites of Passage

I didn’t have a specific question, so I took the heart as the defining card.  It’s funny, Lisa was talking about the importance of death and rebirth a little while ago, and it also came up for me a while back.  That’s what I see here.  Although the guidebook talks about sexual initiation, I’m not a teen.  For me, I think of Little Red being eaten, and then cut out of the wolf’s belly.  A death and rebirth.

Right now, this really touches a nerve for me.  I’ve been very quiet on social media the last few months, and in the blogosphere.  And a big part of that is because I’ve been going through some deep, personal work.  I’m sure I’ll share more once I’m out the other side, but I’m not there yet…

North – The Nixie of Mill Pond: Memory

This card made me think of a book from my psychotherapy training: The Body Remembers.  Part of any healing journey requires processing memories that have been stored in the body, either through trauma or through repetition.

It can be hard to get to these sometimes.  They may be apparent just as perenially tense muscles, or so deeply ingrained that you enact them everyday without thinking about it.  For example, in the way you walk around with your head drawn in, as though flinching back from something, or sticking your chest out as though it were a shield.

I’ve been doing a lot of inner work, but mostly at an emotional, mental and spiritual level.  Perhaps I need to think more about my body and what it’s expressing.

East – The Goose Girl: Theft

The Goose Girl was a princess who lost her mother’s magical talisman, and didn’t know how to stand up for herself.  Her maid took advantage to steal her identity and marry the prince in her stead, leaving the princess to become a goose girl/servant.

Certainly, a big bit of my identity is wrapped up in this rebirth.  Who will I be once it is finished?  I need to think about how I define myself, how others see me, and how or whether I want that to change.

South – The Children of Lir: Voice

In this story, the Children of Lir were turned into swans, but could still speak and sing with human voices.  They also lived 900 years, 300 each in three different places, before finally being freed and passing to the other side of the rainbow bridge.

My motivation is to get more in contact with spirit, and to give voice to my experiences in a way that makes sense to others.  I’m hoping to bring to life a couple of projects next year in that regard.

West – Verde Prato: Wounds

This is a somewhat Romeo and Juliet story, with star-crossed lovers connecting through a glass tunnel.  Verde Prato’s sisters discover the tunnel and smash it when her lover is inside, and he is cut by the glass with wounds that won’t heal.  His father, the King, swears to marry his son to whomever can cure him (unusual!)  So, Verde Prato goes off in search of a cure, which she eventually finds through cunning and bravery.

Healing emotional wounds is rarely simple.  Yet, at an archetypal level, this faerytale speaks of the soul unity achieved by bringing love to bear on these wounds, which the more dynamic, rational part of us cannot achieve by itself.


This is one of the things I love about faerytale decks.  The faerytales are deep, with many layers.  And so, ignoring the parts of the book that annoy me, I still found this reading, these cards, very insightful.

To read journal prompts based on these cards, click here.


4 Responses to “What Journey Do These Faerytales Show?”

  • I hope you will find your way out of the forest again. These dark days for Christmas seem to have this effect on many of us, including myself, Journeying inwards, descending into the underworld, however you will call it, I hope you will find some hidden treasures there to take with you into the new year
    Gentle Hugs

    • It’s funny, it’s felt like more than just now – kind of ever since I stopped sending out my newsletter in the summer! Still, as you say, I shall come out of this forest at some point, and with some treasures, I’m sure 🙂

  • That spread and the cards you pulled makes me want to ask questions:
    Body – What memory makes you feel unwell just thinking about it, and where in your body do you feel it?
    Mind – What do you feel has been stolen from you (time to do as you please maybe)?
    Will – What motivates you even when things don’t turn out as you would have liked them to?
    Emotions – What wounds do you carry that might be better if you forgive (yourself or others)?
    Spirit – What beliefs need to die so that new ideas can be born?
    Of course I don’t expect you to answer any of these (you have already done your reading), but this is what popped in my head. 🙂


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