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How Can I Laugh With The Faeries?

The denizens of the Faery Forest (Blue Angel, 2016) are definitely not Disney fairies.  Some are painted, others are photographic, and many have an eerie or dark edge to them.
Situation – Isa

An elfin creature of cold ice stands with eyes closed.  He glittering beauty is static, and like the Norse rune she suggests the cold of winter when nothing grows or even moves.

The messages of stillness and pause is one I may not like much, but it’s one that came up over the weekend, too.  I’ve been on a go-slow with my rotator cuff injury, which is still fairly delicate, the final keyword of this card. I also realised that there are several projects that I’ve not touched for a month or more, worn out physically and mentally.

Desirable Outcome – She Who Laughs

A busty, earthy fae stands in a green landscape with warm, golden lights glittering around her.

Yes, I need to get some perspective, decide what matters and what doesn’t.  More than that, though, I see a need to not take things too seriously, to not worry.  I need to laugh: at myself, at life.

Energy Needed – The Golden Unicorn

A unicorn rises up on its haunches, golden mane and horn highlighted against a beautiful, cloudy blue sky.  This creature represents powerful protection, as it was believed the unicorn’s horn could purify poison.

While the keywords seem external – protector, guardian, champion – we can be our own protector.  Today, though, what comes up for me is a sense of magic, trusting that I can laugh at life because nothing too terrible will happen.  That there is protection available, if I ask for and accept it.

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7 Responses to “How Can I Laugh With The Faeries?”

  • My dear Chloe I hope you will take good care of you self and accept that the Isa period may take longer than you woud like to
    PS if I didn’t know better I would think this was a reading for me 😀

    • Hi Ellen, yes, you’re right. I know I need to just be kind to myself while I wait. Sorry to hear you’re going through this, too. Maybe the faeries will come and tickle us out of our funks 😀

    • Glad this was a good reminder for you, Laura! We all have plenty to laugh at, if we stop taking life too seriously 😉
      If you like the look of this deck, I’ve written a fuller review which will go live in about an hour…


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