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Legless Lords, Charging Charioteers, and Lady Justice

bf-tarotdecoratif-24-10-16rdgCiro Marchetti’s latest creation, the Tarot Decoratif (self-published, 2016), is a Marseille-style deck with a difference.  He incorporates RWS imagery within the pip cards, while maintaining the predominance of the suit emblems.  However, you can’t see any of that in this week’s reading, as only Courts and Majors came up!

Situation – Cavalier de Coupes (Knight of Cups)

I like the way Ciro’s Knights rise up from their suit, legless.  It reminds us that these are not the most grounded of chaps 😀  The Cavalier de Coupes is a romantic fellow, for sure, but may not be the most reliable.  He doesn’t always walk his talk, being full of flowery phrases until he gets distracted by the next love of his life.

There’s a situation at work where emotions are running rampant, several people being sure that their idea is “the one”.  Yet, we need to get some consensus.

Release – Chariot

Sometimes, emotions push us to want to achieve something in particular, to bull our way through to our desired outcome.  Seems like that isn’t a good idea this week.  It’s time to release the reins of an often fictitious control.

So, while I have my own opinion on the matter, I think I need to let that take a back seat.  I can’t control what’s going on, but what can I do?

Embrace – Justice

Lady Justice weighs up the pros and cons in a rational way.  She seeks compromise and fairness for all, and has a high degree of perspective.  When emotions run high, she can see both points of view, and step back from the immediacy of feelings.

In a week where people may be walking on egg shells, or straight out trying to crush the other person’s egg, a calm, clear voice weighing up both sides, supporting both without prejudice, sounds like a big ask.  Still, a compromise is certainly needed.  I think we’re beyond the list-making stage, so what’s next?  Honour each person’s perspective and try to get them to see that the other person has a valid perspective.  At least it would be a first step…

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6 Responses to “Legless Lords, Charging Charioteers, and Lady Justice”

  • Ciro’s deck is an interesting mix of the old and new! I like your take on the knights (rising from their elements). I don’t envy you being in the mix of that free-for-all. I’ve tried to be a peace maker in such a situation, and it was a disaster – I think mostly because everyone was still at that place of “choose a side to be on.” I should have just waited until everyone was sick and tired of the drama, and then maybe they would be willing to see the different sides and facets of the situation. Hang in there!

    • I have to admit, I feel ill-equipped to be a peace maker. However, an impartial voice who can flag up pros and cons on both sides might just do the trick… And as you say, the passage of time also helps 🙂

  • I hope you and you colleagues can find some common ground to work together towards a fitting solution for everyone
    Take good care of yourself my friend

    • That’s a good point, Ellen, highlighting the common ground. Everyone does want to do what’s best, just that they disagree what that means. Reminding them of the common goal may help… 🙂

  • I wish you and your colleagues well as you navigate this territory! This is such an interesting deck in that in concept it is very similar to the also-new Pagan Otherworlds deck (RWS with Marseilles) and yet of course the art style is entirely different.

    • Ooh, love the look of the Pagan Otherworlds! I think some people will be unhappy about the Tarot Decoratif, in that it isn’t a “true” Marseille deck. Still, what it offers is beautiful, easy to read intuitively, and with lots of in-jokes for Marchetti fans 🙂


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