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Lessons From The Webinar

BF-ChrysalisTarot-4CToday, I thought I’d do something a little bit different.  I drew three cards from the Chrysalis Tarot (US Games, 2014) to look at three lessons I can draw from the webinar I taught on Saturday.

Lesson One – Four of Mirrors (Cups)

A mermaid combs her hair with a disinterested air, as four mirrors float around her.

The webinar went well, in the sense that there were only minor technical hitches, and I only overran by about 5 minutes.  Feedback since then has also been very positive, which is great.  However, when the webinar finished, I did a little happy dance for about 10 seconds, and then felt let down.  The reason was because this format didn’t allow me to interact much with the people I was sharing with.  Normally, my workshops are extremely interactive, and I found it very disappointing not to have heard bits of other people’s stories, not to know what they want to work on with the magical techniques we discussed, not to have a feel for them.

Lesson One, then, is that next time I need to find a way to alter the format so that everyone can  interact in real time!

BF-ChrysalisTarot-6PLesson Two – Six of Stones (Pentacles)

Six pretty baubles hang from a tree, within the centre of which we see gorgeous celtic knotwork, going down into the roots and up into the branches.

Titled Caritas, this card speaks of charity, but also of give-and-take, reciprocity.  As mentioned above, there was not enough emotional give-and-take for me in the workshop.  However, it’s also true that I put at least 40 hours into preparing materials, promoting the webinar, and doing associated admin work, as well as setting up software etc.  That puts my average earnings per hour at less than half the minimum wage.  Okay, not good business sense, and not a fair exchange of energy, either.  While it’s true I’ll be able to adjust and re-use some of the material, that will still take time, and I’ll still have promotion and admin time to dedicate to any future events.

Lesson Two, raise my prices – what I’m teaching is worthwhile, and I should honour that.

BF-ChrysalisTarot-6CLesson Three – Six of Mirrors (Cups)

A pan figure plays his pipes in front of a beautiful gazebo, with a colourful bird flying overhead.

Entitled Memories, I must admit that I slept poorly Saturday night, thinking about what I needed to change in the presentation of this material.  On the one hand, it’s great that it re-energised me to think about how I could run this as a half-day workshop and as a three week webinar class.  On the other hand, it means I wasn’t taking time to appreciate what I’ve done and the whole experience.  It was my first ever webinar, after all!  And I set up an affiliate programme, recorded two magical meditations, and wrote an ebook!

Lesson Three, take time to appreciate what I have achieved so far, before looking to the future.

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12 Responses to “Lessons From The Webinar”

    • Thanks, Carla! It was quite a challenge, and I’m delighted that I did it. Looking forward to teaching this stuff in person, too 🙂

  • I am so happy that in the end of this post you’ve highlighted the importance of celebration. My goodness girl you’ve done it! Breath in and out and enjoy the feeling!!!!

  • When I look back on something I’ve done, it’s easy just to focus on what went wrong or what needs tweaking. But I think it is just as important to look at what went right too!

    • Yes, Bev, definitely important to look at what worked. I’m chuffed that I kept within the time, and that people have given very positive feedback. So, though I’d do it totally differently next time, it was still a reasonable success 🙂

  • i love this use of the Chrysalis Tarot for your retrospective. Yes, you do need to raise prices, but you have so much wisdom now to apply more efficiently to future efforts. All is well!

  • Congratulations on a successful webinar! It sounds like these cards have provided you with useful reflection for the future. I definitely “get” the desire to engage more with the people you’re teaching; that might have offset the imbalance in cost if you’d been able to interact with your audience a bit more. But I’m sure each incarnation will feel even better as you keep on with your great work 🙂

    • Well, I would like to try to be business-like about this, as well as loving the teaching, so the prices definitely have to go up. Yet you are right, I would have felt the imbalance less if there had been more energetic give-and-take! 🙂 And yes, hopefully each new iteration will be better, as I build on the lessons learned!


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