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The Magic of Self Hypnosis

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Do you want to create change in your life? Be it finding a new relationship or spicing up the one you already have, getting a raise or changing job entirely, breaking a bad habit or cementing a good one, magic can help.

As I discussed here, hypnosis is a subset of magic. Equally, self-hypnosis is a powerful tool that you can use for yourself in your magical practice.

So, in a magical framework, how would you actually use self-hypnosis?

I’ve written before about using the five elements as a mnemonic for magic. In the same way, you can use them as a mnemonic for this subset of magic. Let’s take a look at how that works…


Fire, for me, is about what has fired you up enough to actually do some magic. It’s also about creatively designing what you’re going to do.

In terms of self-hypnosis, this is about being clear as to what you want to achieve in your meditation, and designing what you’re going to do in the self-hypnosis.

For example, if you want to change job, then you might create some positive affirmations about finding a job that meets all your needs, presenting yourself well in interview, and staying calm through the process.
You might also consider visualisations. These should really be called imaginal work, as you want to get as many senses as possible involved.
This imagination activation might include imagining getting ready for an interview, feeling the clothes you  are putting on, smelling your perfume/aftershave/deodorant, seeing yourself heading out the door, sensing your confidence. It could also entail seeing yourself celebrating getting a new job, who you would celebrate with, and feeling the joy and sense of achievement.
You don’t have to get all the details straight at this stage, it’s more about creating the structure for your meditation.


Emotions and the subconscious come to the fore in the element of water. The question being: how do you access these?
Self-hypnosis is a great tool for achieving the kind of shift in consciousness that you want for effective magic.
There are so many techniques available in hypnosis that I can’t possibly cover them all here. There’s a reason I spent sixteen months in full time education on this stuff, and why I’ll continue taking CPD classes.
These include physical techniques like using a pendulum, rocking or using an arm drop. There’s also chanting or drumming. You can use breath work, or mindful relaxation. Very traditional is a simple countdown from 10-1, or a visualisation like going to your favourite, safe place.


Air is the province of the mind, of thought and communication, even if the being you are communicating with is yourself. You could think of this as your conscious and unconscious minds communicating.
For this, while in a trance state, you focus your attention on what you want to achieve. This is when you use the affirmations and visualisations you created at the Fire stage.
Remember, communication is a two way street. At the Fire stage you consciously decided what you were going to do. Having used the Water stage to get in touch with your subconscious, use this Air stage as a time for a dialogue.
Consciously, you have a goal you want to achieve. To do so, you need to get a message across to your subconscious. However, there may also be useful messages your subconscious can share with you. So, expect to listen as well as to speak, to have your imagination fired from both sides.


The element of Earth is connected to the practical and physical. That also means to your body.
At the end of a self-hypnosis meditation, it is important to come back to your body and your everyday awareness.
Just as the Fire element was echoed in the Air phase, so the complementary Water and Earth stages echo each other. Here, you need to reverse the shift in consciousness that you achieved in the Water phase, to come back to yourself.
Most often in self-hypnosis, they suggest coming out the way you went in.
So, if you visualised floating out of your body and flying to your safe place, you now fly back to your body and reintegrate with it. If you counted down from ten to one, now you count yourself back up from one to ten.
Give your body a stretch, connect back with your breath, and open your eyes. Welcome back!


If you want to leave it at that, well and good.
However, since we’re talking about self-hypnosis in the context of magic, I’ll mention spirit more than I generally would.
At a general level, I see spirit in the ethics of what you choose to focus your magic on. A bit like the old catch-phrase ‘What Would Jesus Do?’, consider how the ethics of your magic fit your personal beliefs.
More specifically, if you have a particular belief system, a way that you like to pray or call on deity or spirit or the universe, then incorporate it into your self-hypnosis. Religious or spiritual fervour is recognised as a powerful way to generate trance states.
Equally, you can incorporate your ideas around spirit into your visualisations. How would it feel to be embraced and supported by God/dess to make the changes you desire? Can you imagine having Spirit share wisdom with you to help with your intention? Are past life experiences something you feel called to explore?
And spirit can even be involved in how you return to the physical. After all, what does the body mean to you within your spiritual beliefs? Also, in many spiritual practices there is a closing ceremony involving some kind of food. What better way to ground yourself back in reality?
As well as guiding you ethically, spirit can be involved in every aspect of this magical self-hypnosis. It influences what you choose to do and create (Fire), how you alter your state of consciousness (Water), what you focus on in trance (Air), and how you return to the everyday (Earth).

Practising Magic

I hope this post inspires you to add self-hypnosis to your crane bag, your magical tool kit.

And if you want some help in designing a meditation, in experimenting with creating trance states, or with practising visualisations and returning to the everyday, I’m also happy to set up a session focused on this. For example, it would fit perfectly in a Kick-Start Your Transformation session. Why not get in touch?




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  • Tamara

    I loved this! Thank you so much, dear Chloe. I am sharing this article with my older son, I think he could benefit quite a bit from it as well. Many blessings xoxoxo

    • So glad you enjoyed this post, Tamara đŸ™‚ And I hope your older son finds it helpful, too! Many blessings, Cxx


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