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Tarot of the Magical Forest Reading

Dilts'NeuroLevelsPyramidDo you have a goal you’d like to work towards?  This Magical Life Coaching spread is based on Robert Dilts’ Neurological Levels, and examines what elements of your life support or hinder your goal.  This week I’m drawing from the Tarot of the Magical Forest (Lo Scarabeo, 2008).  This is a cute, animal-themed deck which is still very readable and with plenty of useful symbolism.

BF-MagicalForest-NeurologicalLevels1) What in my environment helps or hinders my goal? – Knave of Chalices (Page of Cups)

A cute rabbit with a strangely huge eye stands at the edge of a body of water.  He holds a golden chalice, out of which a little fish peeps.  The water and ground look cold, but the sky holds a gentle pink light, full of the potential for tender emotions.

I see in this card my Little One, a Piscean.  His emotional needs often take precedence over my working towards my goal.

2) What behaviours of mine will help or hinder my goal? – Five of Cups

A black-cloaked bunny stands with three overturned cups before it.  Unusually, though, it looks over its shoulder towards the two standing cups.

Focusing on the past or on what I can’t do will hinder me.  If, like the rabbit, I can turn to what is possible and to positive emotions and potential, that will help me.  It’s about mindset and how that affects my behaviour.

BF-MagicalForest-NeurologicalLevels13) What skills and capabilities do I have or need to help me achieve my goal? – Nine of Wands

The suit of Wands features frogs, or perhaps toads, I’m not sure what the difference is.  This frog fellow looks a little grim as he sits before a barricade of wands, the ninth over his shoulder.

What I see here is the capacity to endure, to be patient even when times are hard.  And fortunately, I think that’s a capacity I have.  I have a number of skills in my tool kit that help me carry on, such as exercise and meditation.  They help boost my mood, so I rarely stay feeling down or defeated for long.  Last week, I had a down day straight after the Gemini full moon, but by the next day I was back to feeling like I can achieve what I set my mind to 🙂

4) What values and beliefs might help or hinder me in reaching my goal? – Knave (Page) of Swords

All the creatures in this deck have oversized eyes.  While the bunnies sometimes look a little crazed, I like this golden-eyed cat.  He holds his sword lightly, as he towers over the landscape.

Valuing clear communication is something that will help me achieve my goal, as is remaining curious and open to new learning.  What might hamper me is a belief that I always have to ‘make’ people understand.  Perhaps I can accept that not everyone will want to hear my message, and be okay with that.

BF-MagicalForest-NeurologicalLevels25) How does this goal align with my sense of identity? – The Magician

Isn’t this image fabulous!  Our Magician isn’t pulling a rabbit out of a hat, he is a rabbit 😀  And I love that his ‘table’ is a floating cloth that levitates above a field of beautiful red roses.  He holds a crystal-topped wand in his right hand, as his left gestures downward.  The sky above him is the purple of wisdom.

This card is just perfect!  My goal is to work successfully as a Magical Life Coach, and that is because I believe I am, and that you are, the Magician in control of my/your own life.  I want to share that vision with others, to empower them to live in a way that feels joyful and fulfilling.  Yay, for magic and for tarot ?

6) How does this goal align with my mission/ higher purpose? – Death

An interesting skull looms in the foreground, with one tooth poking out of the jaw and large through-and-through nasal and eye sockets.  Beneath this death’s head, a red cloaked pig lies on the ground, with a crowned owl sitting just behind him, both staring out at us.  In the background, the sun rises between two towers, a gentle light above an otherwise desolate landscape.

I see this as a positive, actually.  My mission is to help people go through powerful transformational processes.  These may not always be easy, but there is light in the distance, a reason to look to the future.  And this goal definitely aligns with that higher purpose.

This way of looking at different aspects of life and our own mind can be very helpful in seeing how well a goal fits with where we are, and what we might need to do or change if we really want to achieve it.  This reading suggests to me that overall this goal fits well with my life and my self.  Slight sticking points are in my environment (my kids) and in my beliefs (I have to communicate with everyone).  Identifying those gives me the ability to work on or around them…

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5 Responses to “Tarot of the Magical Forest Reading”

  • What a great idea to turn an NLP tool into a tarot spread! I can see how this could be an effective way to bring clarity and as a result positive change into one’s life. Well done!

    • Yes, I do adore some of these NLP tools, Bev. It’s interesting the way NLP slides into different areas – it was a major focus of my life coach training, and it’s also there in the hypnotherapy training I just started last weekend. I guess, something useful is always useful, no matter the context 🙂

  • Another great spread with a super cute deck. I was wondering.if you’ve had your goal in mind before you started the reading or did the Magician pointed it out?
    As you I am always amazed how extremely accurate and to the point the cards can be. 😀

    • Hi Ellen, yes, I didn’t want to use this spread until I had a goal in mind. As you say, though, the cards totally validated the goal – gotta love ’em! 😀

  • I love how you’ve been transforming over the past year! You’ve become more integrated and more true to yourself, which I think is beautiful. I like that you’re combining tarot and magic with life coaching and counseling. A great marriage. Much Love and Luck! MM


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