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Magical Life Coaching & Readings

Magical Life Coaching is a way to use magical tools to make your whole life more delightful, through clarifying what you need and putting in place a practical plan to manifest what you want.  For a more detailed explanation of what it is and how it works, click here.

I offer concessions for students, pensioners, single parents, and anyone on benefits, as well as Canadians 😉  Please feel free to email or phone me (07561 231 281 or and ask if you’d like a discounted session – I’m always willing to make things work.

One-Off Sessions

Kickstart Your Transformation

Do you want to make some changes in your life?  Maybe you know what needs to shift, or maybe you need clarity to figure out where to start.  Either way, this session will give you the kick in the pants you need to get started with your transformation.  You’ll also get a spell to keep you focused and moving in the right direction.

Breaking Bad Habits For Good

This hour and a half session will support you in breaking bad habits and substituting them for more positive behaviours.  By the end, you’ll feel a renewed sense of motivation and enthusiasm, knowing you can beat those negative patterns once and for all.  And you’ll have a tarot spell to support you now and into the future.

Tarot Magic For Abundance

Do you want more money?  More friendship, and love?  More tarot decks, or shoes?  More clients?  Or maybe you want an abundance of health?  Whatever you want to manifest, “there’s a spell for that” 😀  You’ll leave this session with a greater sense of clarity, a clear game-plan, and a spell to supercharge your powers for manifesting abundance.

Stop Procrastinating and Start Manifesting!

Overcome your inner saboteur and your inner hedonist in this hour and a half session.  Tap into your most creative and dynamic self and create habits to support you in manifesting what you want from your life.  You’ll also design a spell to keep you focused as you move forward.

One Off Sessions

One-off Readings with a Spell

If you have a clear question, a situation where you know you want to do something, but need some clarity around what’s going on and what your best options are, why not book a one-off session.  Through an interactive conversation with the cards (either Tarot or Lenormand), you’ll gain some insight into what is going on and formulate a plan to move forward, with a spell to cement your intention.

Sessions can be an hour or 90 minutes, in person (North/Central London) or via Skype.  Session cost is £80 for an hour, or £100 for an hour and a half (good if you have a more complex situation you want to work on).

Reading and Spell Session

Want to make lasting changes in your life?

Maybe you want to live your life’s purpose, change your career or make a career as a heart-centred entrepreneur, improve your sense of wellness through healthy eating and movement, find your soulmate, or something else.  Perhaps you’re just overly stressed, with exams or work praying on your mind, or stopping you sleeping.  Maybe you’re not sure what you want, but just know there’s more to life.

Whatever the case, I offer private, confidential sessions to help you move forward in a way that is meaningful for you.  Together, we can find a way to reach your goals, and help you live a more magical life!

In order to transform your life, you first need to clarify where you want to go.  As well as listening deeply to what you want and need, we can seek clarity through tarot, lenormand, and oracle readings.  With my support, you can decide on action plans to get you from where you are to where you want to go.  These might include rituals or spells: ways of tapping into your subconscious to make changes at a deep level that then ripple out into the rest of your life.  Plans can also be more practical and mundane.

Another part of the service I offer is to provide you with meditations to help cement your intentions, and to give you continued support to help achieve your goals.

As well as focusing on your dreams and deciding on action steps, I’ll be there to help you overcome any obstacles that come up, and keep you on track.  This is where magic comes in, sowing the seeds at a subconscious level that will help you stop self-sabotaging and procrastinating.

This kind of transformation can take time.  I offer one-off sessions, especially when you have a very clear focus of topic.  You can also choose from a number of discounted packages, with a minimum of four sessions.  You can have these weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or whenever best suits you.  And the sessions can be live (if you’re in London) or online.  All packages are valid for a year.

The coaching also includes email support between sessions.  Choose between packages of 4, 8 or 12 sessions, and have the sessions when feels right to you.  You could have them weekly for 3 months, or monthly for a year…

If you are interested in this kind of personalised service, please contact me by phone on 07561 231 281 or at













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