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How Many Shake-Ups Can I Take?

Twisted Tarot Tales Reading on Shake-upsAfter the upheaval of last week, I wanted a deck that didn’t pull its punches, but that spoke with humour.  The recently released Twisted Tarot Tales (Battersby & Aguilar, 2016) seemed to fit the bill nicely.

Situation – The Tower

A nuclear power station dominates the card, a nasty crack in its top edge, and with clouds of smoke billowing around it.  There are people in hazmat suits in the foreground, too – talk about foreboding!

There are still emails flitting back and forth around the shake-up with the course I’m on.  I’m hoping there are no other Tower moments on the horizon, but who knows…  It doesn’t feel like a nuclear explosion, but there will definitely be some fallout from it.  So, what to do?

Release – King of Swords

Hmm, I’m guessing Jack the Ripper, given the nasty blade with blood dripping from it, the top hat, and the lunatic moon behind him.  Looks like this isn’t the time to try to be incisive, nor to cut things into their constituent parts, nor to make life-and-death decisions 😉

As I say, there are quite a lot of emails flying around, with some people saying daft things, others just worrying, and still others sharing actual information.  However, I get the message to simply stay out of it, no matter how tempting it may be to weigh in with my tuppence worth.

Embrace – Seven of Swords

A figure runs from a mini-mart with a bag of fresh food.  Behind and in front of him are green zombie figures, wanting to make a meal of him. While he’s making off with seven swords, he probably shouldn’t stop to try wielding them, as there are just too many of the living dead craving his life blood.

Instead of having my say, what I should do is gather all the information I can, and then get the hell out of dodge!  Okay, maybe not get out of there, but certainly listen and learn, gather my thoughts and ideas, and steer clear of entanglements.

Sounds like good advice, now let’s see if I can stick to it!

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3 Responses to “How Many Shake-Ups Can I Take?”

  • You’re right the best thing to do is listen the proper channels and avoid all the rumors and gossiping
    Take care!

  • I know the places that had radioactive waste to clean up (Russia, Japan), they’ve found that planting sunflowers helps take it out of the soil. Seems like such a positive approach – hard to feel bad when a field of sunflowers are in bloom. When things happen like what you’re going through, there is always a group that are the prophets of doom, who think everything will end in disaster. And will never ever get better. I find it helpful to run like hell from them (and look for the middle-of-the-road folks). 😀

  • Clickety-click goes the analytical mind of the King, processing, analyzing…

    It IS so tempting to comment, to gossip, to have a good old chew with others about the scandal, but I agree, get the hell out of Dodge before you get in a gunfight.

    Maybe a nice book Chloe, perhaps a read of Victorian horror tales. I hear M.R. James calling your name.

    Hey, I just happen to have a volume of his stories. Is that whistling I hear?


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