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McCullough Steampunk Tarot Reading

BF-McCulloughSteampunk-RdgFollowing on from last week, this is the second tarot deck by Peter and Rhiannon McCullough, their Steampunk Tarot.  Once again, there are slight issues with the brightness of the images.  Still, it’s a fun deck!

Now: Two of Wands

A man and woman stand over a map, engrossed in their discussion.  Above them hangs a gas lamp, and there is a wrench and a hammer on the table – the “wands” being long-handled tools in this deck.

These two could be workers, planning where things need to go.  However, they look suspiciously like thieves, planning a heist.  I guess that could also be activists planning some attention-getting demonstration.

This strays a little way from traditional depictions.  I can still see the idea of being at a crossroads, of having to make some choices.  And strategising is defintiely something I see here, even if it isn’t a traditional meaning for this card.

Don’t: Temperance

A female figure stands on a gargoyle at the top of a clock tower.  She wears a winged flying contraption, and pours liquid from one beaker into another.  This is an interesting version of Temperance, with the suggestion of chemical jiggery-pokery mixed in with the time element.  It’s not just about getting the right ingredients, but perhaps also about combining them in the right order, at the right time…  Her position could also suggest lofty ideals and getting an overview on a situation.

Do: The Ace of Pentacles

Interestingly, following on from Temperance, here we see the inner workings of what could be the self-same clock tower.  We see the clock face from behind, with wheels, cogs, weights, pulleys and a bell visible to us.

There is a very physical, practical element to this – the wheels, cogs, pulleys and so on must be built correctly and fitted together, otherwise the clock won’t work.  And the clock suggests the realities of deadlines and schedules.  The start of anything practical requires us to get the right elements in place, and to dedicate the time to what we are doing.  Still, the card can also suggest that the time is right, especially when paired with ideas of the Ace of Pentacles being the seed of a possibility related to the physical, material or financial.

I’ll go with the reading of a strategy session for the Two of Wands, as I have one planned for later this morning!  It’s with someone I met on last week’s coaching training, and we’ll be discussing collaborating on marketing our respective coaching services to gym members.  Temperance suggests perhaps not focusing overmuch on the spiritual and healing aspects of coaching.  Instead, the Ace of Pentacles suggests a focus on the physical, practical and financial aspects of our offerings.  It is also a reminder that this is just a first step, we’ve a long way to go before we’ll see whether or not we have the right balance of ingredients, offered at the right time.  So, Temperance may come, but it’s not now…

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2 Responses to “McCullough Steampunk Tarot Reading”

  • If they could somehow lighten the cards just a tad, I would buy these in a New York minute (though I see they aren’t shipping any from now until December). I never thought I cared for any of the Steampunk decks, but I like all the detail and thought in these cards. Of course I just finished Westerfield’s “Leviathan” trilogy, which probably has something to do with it. 😀 Probably because of that series, I saw the Two of Wands as strategic planning between a military officer and an engineer.
    Best of luck with offering your services to the gym folks – sounds like a good fit!

    • Ha ha, yes, I find what I’m reading influences my tastes of the moment, too 🙂 Maybe, if they’re currently not shipping, it’s because they’ve ordered a new batch. Might be worth trying to contact them to see if they’ve adjusted the brightness… I tried emailing them, but haven’t had a response yet (it is holiday time). 🙂
      As for the gym folk, I don’t know if it’s a good fit. While I definitely have the knowledge on healthy eating, exercise etc, I’d rather be working with people who are open to brainstorming with tarot cards, or meditating…


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