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More Horsing Around ;)


Chrissie Astell at the London Tarot Festival

Ten days ago I went on an aborted trip to the Staffordshire Pagan Conference.  The Conference itself was a bust, with a terrible venue (reading stalls, vending stalls, cafe and bar all in the same room as the talks) and dreadful sound system.  I cannot really comment on the quality of the speakers, as I could hardly hear what the two I stayed for said, though what I could hear wasn’t at all inspiring.  Neither made an effort to make sure we could hear, and the first guy also kept holding his papers up in front of his face!

All this was in direct contrast to this Saturday, when I went to the London Tarot Festival.  The venue was an amazing oasis of calm in the centre of the city, with separate spaces for the readers, the vendors, the paid talks and the free talks – that’s good organisation.  I was also delighted to attend Chrissie Astell‘s angel workshop.  Hers is my favourite ever Guardian Angel Oracle, and her talk was an inspiring mix of personal anecdote, intuitive readings, description of her angelic experiences, and her creative process to create this lovely deck.  She came across as someone both sincere and inspirational: a healer and a teacher.

Back to the Staffordshire Pagan Conference, and I did at least find this little treasure.  It’s a deck I already had a copy of, Lo Scarabeo’s Wicca Oracle Cards (2012).  This edition (not sure which one the link is for, it’s not clear on the website) has bigger cards than the original version, and sparkles.  I do love sparkles ?
Situation – Mare

A mare stands under a tree in a grassy meadow, with her foal leaning up against her flank.  She is a symbol of nurturing, yet mares will also push their foals away at a certain point, nurturing their offspring’s independence.

I’ve been thinking a lot about mothering.  My Little One is still getting me up regularly at ridiculous ‘o’ clock (between 3.30am and 5am).  He’s also going through that awful hormonal surge associated with the terrible twos: flip-flopping and tantrumming.  My response, when I’m tired, is not always the best: shouting no and sticking him in the naughty house.  So, I’ve made the decision to change my response, to try to preempt these things, or respond in a more flexible way when they happen.

It’s a work in progress using many of the same techniques I teach in my Breaking Bad Habits For Good workshop (a play on words, as you substitute more helpful patterns for the ones that don’t work – next date 23rd June).  Looks like the cards this week want to help me with it ?

Desirable Outcome – Pool of Moonlight

A woman gazes at the reflection of the moon in a still pool.  She is tapping into her own intuition, into her inner voice that reflects the wisdom of spirit.

Taking time to reflect, rather than just respond, is definitely one part of the equation.  While I may not have much time in the moment, preparation is a good idea.  For instance, I’ve been meditating on cards the last three nights that represent finding greater calm and clarity, and responding more playfully.  Things have definitely started to shift, and I came up with a response I would never have thought of before last night at bedtime, which worked really well.  So, more magical meditations, and more tapping into this gentle, feminine energy in a calm way.

Energy Needed – Fox

A fox looks in at some geese in a not-very-safe pen.  The companion book speaks of cleverness and survival skills, using your intelligence without being dishonest.

That latter feels important.  It’s no good lying to children, they will catch you out eventually.  While I need to come up with clever new ways to approach my son’s tantrums, I also need to honour him, respect that he is a person in his own right.  So, playfulness and intelligence, not deceit, are what is called for.  I am reminded, too, that a fox might nip a cub or bark.  It’s not about being a pushover, but about finding what works in an intelligent, reflective way.

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4 Responses to “More Horsing Around ;)”

  • One thing about the terrible twos is absolutely certain. They will be three sooner than you know
    It is a very wise decision to try to approach this situation with flexibility cunning and determination. Only you can and a downwards spiral by climbing out of it yourself and then pulling your little one up
    I hope both of you will sleep in one day very soon

    • Lol, Ellen! Yes, it’s one of the things that keeps me going – this too shall pass 🙂 I did some spellwork on this, and things have improved a lot 😀 However, he’s got a cold right now, so has been waking up a lot with a cough – doh! Back to “This too shall pass!”

  • Glad the festival was more inspiring and enjoyable than the conference! Your “no” response to your toddler reminded of what a Montessori teacher explained to me: They use “stop” instead of “no” because a toddler understands that better. I remember when my daughter was that age and could really throw some tantrums. I used to think to myself, “It’s a good thing you’re so cute!” 😀

    • Ha ha, Bev! Yes, I’ve had that thought, too 😀 And yes, we try to use “stop” or “wait”, and we’re trying to use positives – “keep your hands to yourself”, rather than “don’t touch that”. It’s amazing to notice how ingrained certain speech patterns are…


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